Nobody remembers the second,
Be Exceptional, Be noteworthy, Outstanding
How many time Have I been told that?
That your purpose is go to sky and beyond
& How many times I have dreamed of these places
Where I stand in front of huge crowds
I used to think that the day a man starts feeling that he is average
That day he dies,
A corpse move from that day onward
& I will never see such a day
A day where I will stop seeking the glory
The thought amuses me now
I have stop seeking the glory of future
To gain the spot light in big stages
I have said bye to that throne from a distance
This is not my calling
to be the extraordinary
I have realized that their is some solace in mediocrity
I have realized that I one with everyone I meet
everything I say
then where is the question of being unique
there are connections
which ma or may not have a Si-Fi term
but I have felt them
I am one with all of them
So maybe like the poem
Mediocre as it is
but it is and it is better than a void..
Mediocrity is beautiful..
It sees more as alike

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