What is the reason for my failed attempts?
I'm not proud of these things.
You are meant to learn from your past trials,
There's nothing to learn here!
Remembering is a punishment,
But they are all good memories.
Am tired of contemplating,
I complain an awful lot!

I have dreams
But I am no dreamer.
I have faith,
But I rely on coincidence.
My thoughts are worries,
My worries are of no relevance.
I complain when there's nothing even wrong.

I'm antisocial,
But I expect my friend to friendlier.
I ask when I need.
I want what the heart wants,
I can not answer to your 'need to know why?',
because your most likely the problem.
I'm too attached.

I am a wreck!
I am ill fazed!
I am sick at the heart!
I am with ill luck!
I am not loved!
But I express most affection..

I am without hope, hopeless, unhoped.

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