Memories are your own . No one can snatch it from you . It remains with us till the time we breathe last . They never leave us they are our best buddies . Memories do not let us forget all those happening events which are essence to our life . The sad memories make us realize that life is a mixture of sorrows and happiness. Our memories are our strength they give us energy to march forward. Memories give us tears and smile both.Memories are the face changer . Some memories might pull us down but we need to surpass them and search joy in the good ones and cherish them .

Memories are our real partners balancing our life in every situation . The togetherness with memories is inseparable . They are in our mind and soul and they are with us always .

Memories are real and so are we. Whether they are  panaromic  or high definition they are worth to view and watch.Basking in the memories and feeling ourselves in the imaginary world , the virtuality of which depends on the reality creates an aura of undefined colorful world .

It's an asset which you can take along with you till eternity. So cherish them to the fullest.

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