The chill in the air began to grow.
Steadily, it made it's way through the confines of my being
as the air began to change.
This chill was not one of fear,
but of anticipation,
as I cast my gaze towards the pane
and reminisce about many moments, both cherished and forlorn,
and once again taste the bittersweet memories
as I brace myself for the oncoming storm,
both delighted and castigated.

I'm reminded of the nimble fingers
that grace the ivory keys
playing melodies wondrous and joyous;
Resplendent and longing,
as every note cut into my being
and etched it's name on the foundation of my soul.
As I think of the eyes that gaze into eternity
expressing both infinite bliss and the depths of sadness,
I'm compelled to embrace the one
that was never beside me.

As the storm proceeds
I am left, as always
to tend to the comforting, yet haunting emptiness
that crept it's way into my heart
the moment I found the one
that I could never achieve
or attain,
and I am left to stand guard,
as the eternal protector
of the living reliquary,
not forced upon me, but by choice.
I stand firmly by her side
from the distance that lays before me
as the last of the raindrops fall upon that which is never satiated.

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