The kingmaker has come,
To shield us from the sun.
A human with god-like persona,
Praises of whom are heard in arizona.
What a journey it has been,
Running from temple to post.
Moving into the heart of voters,
Playing the role of a great host.
He is truly one of us in thoughts,
One who thinks our country can change.
One who believes in development,
A destiny thought about in unison.
Good days will come soon,
The heat would lessen now at noon.
Life would hopefully be a gift of god,
Dreams would not get beaten by rod.
The kingmaker has come,
From the western to the northern front.
A battle fought with aplomb,
A war to be fought from now onwards.
Let us applaud the effort of the guy,
Who stuck till last to his battle cry.
Bird will now hopefully fly out from cage,
The simmer of anger will become a rage.
Keeping fingers crossed for the dude,
In prayers we remain,abandoning sullen mood.
Good days will come soon,
Light of the sky will dazzle the moon.

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