Oh! Dear Jan
no need to be cold and distant.
Forget the year that passed
the year of breaking winter.
You tried and won
what only if a part
Time to rejoice
time for a new start.

Oh! Dear Jan
Skin soft as a flake you carry,
a smile of greeting, a new starting.
Tender breeze of your breath
beyond the realm of any magic.
No spring or bird can mirror your laugh
or the sky reflect your eye.
No words to describe you right
The words none can ever define.

Oh! Dear Jan
come closer to the fire
There's a place for you beside the hearth, with me.
Let's walk on the morning dew, a desire.
Or sit on the greener grass and paint a new dream.

My dear Jan
Come ahead and embrace the change
Cull the past with a sigh.
Wash away any tears of uncertainty.
"Miss January the time is right"

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