The sunrays passing through the window pane, I struggle to open my half opened eyes and then I start looking for you rubbing my eyes constantly, trying to find you around. You are nowhere to be found. I put my little feet on the Mickey Mouse mat and start calling your name so you could lift me up from here and get me ready for school on time. Still, i don’t hear your voice. Now I take small steps dragging my teddy bear along. The fluffy, huge white teddy keeps its eyes wide open looking for you along with me. As soon as I see your room, I tiptoe to the door and bend down hoping you would notice me, leaving your work behind on the computer. But there’s nothing on the room except the wind chimes that jingle. I remember how you took me to these wind chimes when I cried and rang them for me, making me smile again.

Now, since I don’t find you there I make a puppy face and walk to the kitchen. Mom tells you will come soon. She packs my school bag in our favorite tiffin box and Spiderman water bottle. The school bus honks and I board it but, nothing seems like before. I miss the way you held my little finger and took care I crossed the road safely. Then, I miss sharing the Cadbury I just grabbed from fridge when mom was busy cooking for us. I walk in the school campus all alone. I miss you when I fight with someone and I don’t have you beside. When I get back home, I miss those silly fights we had, just because I wanted to watch Son Pari and you wanted to watch science fiction. When you trouble me, pulling my pony tail, I cry out loud so mom could come and scold you. After which I see tears in your eyes and start crying along asking you sorry for what I had done. At the end of the day when I get to bed, I miss the bedtime stories you told to put me to sleep.

You know what is so strange about us? I live these moments in my mind every day, even if we never stayed together.