Hello Maths!

One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. And then there started my precious journey with you!
Starting with one one za one and now I am done! Almost 20 years, and now you are moving away from me? Playing with fingers ended up with calculators! I feel really bad!
I don't know whether it was love at first sight or first sound, but I always love you!
Addition.. Subtraction.. Multiplication..
Then came Algebra! Though I loved you so much, you always needed your 'x'? :P I was tired of finding her!
Geometry or call it as "Earth Measurement". Finding the length, area, volume.Then arrived the cubes, pyramids and spheres. Though I hated it, as days passed it came more near! Adding, The theorems, axioms, postulates! Whoa! I loved it.
Then as I stepped to my 12th class, you showed me, Trigonometry! The sin, cos, tan.. Everything was damn (tan c/sin c).
Then headed towards Calculus! I was made to by heart those formulas. I was so perfect, even if you woke me up from a dream, I would have given an answer! :P Not only that, You made me love my Math teachers too! :P
Differentiation, Integration was no more than Fun!
Then I was welcomed to Applied Mathematics. The differential equations, partial differentiations..Though it was tough for me, the game was won!
Now this journey is gonna end. Done with the last Exam! :(
Though I may catch your glimpses here and there, I already started missing you.
Love you!
Miss you so much! :(
Yours lovingly .....

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