There's no worse feeling than spending Raksha-bandhan away from your beloved sis... She is not my real sis, but more than real... She is the most important part of my life, my best friend and the sunshine of my life!! As I stare at the Rakhi she has tied on my hand, I go through the following emotions...

Your beautiful smile brightens up my day,
Your gentle hands guide me along the right way.
Your eyes have that special spark,
That drives me out of the dark.

You are my cute little baby doll,
I promise to never let you fall.
There's too much struggle I've gone through,
Success wasn't possible had I not met you.

Your love never made me feel I was alone,
And from strength to strength I have grown.
Its your undying support that helped me survive,
You are the very reason that today I am alive.

Today is a day that comes once a year,
And its sad that you are not here.
You are my sunshine you are my star,
God's miracle is what you are.

Another chapter of life comes to an end
Nomatter what our relationship will never bend
Your love is here to stay in my heart
And never ever will we stay apart

I'm alive in your dreams
I am there in your prayer
Just open your eyes
And you'll find me there

P.S. I Miss You

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