Sometimes it's so strange how everything can seem so bizarre; thoughts are racing in my mind, one after the other. This chaos is so choking, it feels like I am losing myself. Lost in the mist, waiting for a ray of sunshine. When everything was falling apart and I couldn't figure out why, I asked myself, "Lets put down all these thoughts on a piece of paper. Don't know if I would be finding any solution out of it but still lets do it; anyway nothing productive is coming out by just thinking.". 


Day by day things were becoming worse, messy, gloomy. I could just stand right now and yell like crazy. But then it comes to me, "Is it going to make any difference, will it change the situation or the surroundings?", obviously no. I have worked really hard to be what I am right now, I can't just put all that sweat into vain. Stand up but don't yell, look around and see what's missing, what is that I am looking for? It is definitely something inside me that has been unaligned. I need to dig deep inside me.


To be continued...

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