People think that memory loss is a normal part of ageing but the scenario is something else. Every 71 seconds, someone is getting affected with Alzheimer’s and there are about five millions living with this disorder in the United States. However nature has some amazing foods to offer that will save your brain from getting damaged. Moreover you can also buy modafinil online which is a nootropic drug said to have memory boosting power. This drug is also known to promote alertness and thus called as wakefulness agent.

Boosting memory is not a big deal. Yes you have read it right. You can do it by making some healthy changes in your diet. There is no need to buy those expensive energy drinks or food supplements. Follow healthy diet and replace all those unhealthy, junk food with some fresh veggies and off course fish to get essential nutrients to your brain. And off course modafinil 200mg consumption will give you that extra boost you needed.

• Healthy fats – Fish oil has good amount of omega 3 fatty acid that is known to protect the brain cells from damage. Replace unhealthy fat that you consume through animal fats and sweets with healthier ones that you get from fish. This omega 3 fatty acid fights with depression, memory loss and also with anxiety. These effects are achievable with modafinil 200mg drug too.
• Augment intake of B vitamins – These vitamins along with essential fatty acids (EFA) are important for healthy myelin sheath. EFAs are found in fishes such as cod, salmon, mackerel and tuna. Include any of these fishes in your diet and have it at least thrice in a week. Fruits, nuts, green leafy veggies are the sources to get B group of vitamins. You can also keep consuming modafinil nootropic drug.
• Consume “happy” food – Brain has various neurotransmitters that affect the mood of the person. Serotonin is a happy brain chemical which produces pleasurable feelings. Thus consume those food stuffs that will boost this happy chemical. You can also buy modafinil 200mg online to get the same effect.
• Say good bye to stress – When you are under stress for longer period of time, your body start to produce cortisol hormone and it is known to have damaging effects on the parts of brain involved in memory recalling. Thus keep your stress levels under the tab and start consuming modafinil smart drug to save your memory.

Modafinil is a drug that has got much of fame and popularity because of its outstanding work as wakefulness agent and also as memory enhancement tool. This is being available easily and at good cost has become popular amongst people. Modafinil drug is also used to relieve depressive attacks in an individual with bipolar disorder.

Studies have showed that this smart drug protects the brain cells and also helps in growing new nerve cells. This act of modafinil 200mg pill certainly results in excellent memory. That is why it is better to consume this drug when you are consuming the foods elaborated above.


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