You sit alone and humped

Near to the window, a glass
Of water in front of you "
A cup of tea with apple blossom
On the table in front of me,
You are as a silent tiger "
With dark thoughtful eyes
Absentminded, a still statue
In your stripped sweater
Black and white, you are
A mystery for my mind,
A painful stroke of my heart
My brown eyes see you as puzzle,

Rain drops are slowly dripping
On the murky window glass
You look to them, as hopelessly
Gone drops of love, in our room
mon frère

I`m sitting quietly, entwined fingers
In my lap, earnestly staring at you,
Memories from our last night,
First time we didn`t fight to breath
Lost spaces between me and you,
I don’t need to ask you, I feel you
Your need to possess is my need
To escape. In my plaid gown
I`m playing with you chess,
Until the moment before twilight,
when I lost the game,
and caressing gently my hair,

you said half-aloud Je t'aime.

© n. nour
.....June 014

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