I was sitting there,
With nothing to do,
Going over the things we used to do,
All i needed was for you to take step towards me
All i wanted was for you to accept me
But now it doesn't matter
Coz i've moved on,
I've moved on.

i still remember the way you treated me,
the way you loathed and loved me,
Kissed and hit me,
But not anymore,
Ive had enough
And im not going back
Coz i've moved on,
I've moved on.

Baby i know that im flawed,
But isn't everyone flawed?
They say loving is accepting the person for who they are,
But they forgot to tell you that,
And now i am not gonna get bogged down again,
And I am not gonna fight ,
for something that i am never Gonna find,
Coz I've moved on,
I've moved on.

You broke me down,
But i will stand tall once again,
I will love and be loved,
And I won't be haunted by your memory again,
You wanna know why?,
Coz i've moved on,
I've moved on.