When something has a role to ruin the progress of a fine tuned life, they just happen to do it so stoically! While the desolation builds in, the happenings because of 'somethings' mar the beautiful scenery that astounds!

While i have my past glorious,
the future tends to smile, 'appear' precious;
but how would my small heart know, it was malicious,
and i still bask on the future to take over me, as it seems gorgeous!

I now seem to realize the small parapets,
stopping me to move on, were the strategies;
any damn thing known to human kind,
all penetrating like bullets.

To have believed to belong in a perfect tranquil,
the serenity was lost in every single mutation;
i fear where i ll fall, and turn into corpse;
life has taken toll, for it had to kill me!

Human relationships, intricacies;
betrayal, back stabbing, unfathomable predicaments;
i never still know when will that positivism land back,
for the negativity has gobbled me up!

I wish i could make a great detail of these;
it hurts as it never backs off giving me reasons, saying cheese!
they stay strong, unmoved, justifying every single trace,
whilst i must stay with-held, tight-lipped!

How better, if my smile would be true;
the smiles have now become gestures;
sometimes so alluring are the moving wheels of vehicles;
so enchanting are the 'must' feeling of falling off a moving bus!

I cannot stay concerned anymore;
for the people never are on their own instigation on me!
when i am left with no one on board;
prefer to sail away, unbound, untold and unseen.

However, oblivion will be dark;
but gleeful, because i loose the power to see anymore atrocity!
i just never want to turn back again, this will be my last;
the gaze shall shift, in search of my own self!

Pretty happy for the benevolent past!
enchanting ever have been these defeats;
i dun have wings of fire; to turn on!
but a broken heart, meant to be joined!

While the spotlight sees terrible mistake;
another chance would be quite lost;
i write this with utmost benefaction;
to the people who changed the curves on my face.

The obscurities have sailed away,
its time for me to depart;
in search of my own anticipated prodigy, hopefully;
i am moving into the oblivion!

I just hope i could someday see the flower blossom;
much when the sun endures the gravitation;
i just hope;
i could see truths eclipsing lies!

So its a great 'sayo-nara' moment!
wish i could have experienced more ;
but the soul denies;
and i have to accept the resentment!

The boat on the shore awaits;
the winds are in my favor;
the trees wave me good-bye;
but none a person to bid adieu;


Plz spare me for any mistakes, this is straight from the heart!

Tags: Loss

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