Hummm is obnoxious..
Nice is overly cautious
he is plain..
in sun or rain
Hummm doesn't care
empathy's not his share
Nice is too simple
but at least reveals a dimple

Hummm's in rags n tatters..
Nice, a heart won't shatter
Hummm a tad too lazy
Nice is not that crazy


Nice is just plain 'nice'
he now needs to add sugar n spice
not just sit in same old T-shirt
and a 'nice' on people squirt
he sometimes should do something extra
like maybe simply moving finger to that 'ha'
or comment a good 'keep it up'
not just read n read stuff
otherwise he gets boring, man
like old Pepsi in the can
first fizz lost
nothing cost
he simply sends a flying 'nice' kiss
to each n every Miss
she gets tired
the writer in her's retired
so, please Mr Nice
straighten your ties
seeing that purring cat
do take Off your Hat
and with no more misery
give away a 'Speechless' free!!!

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