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Many corporate offices in Ghatkopar and Versova were seen deserted due to recent Metro launch in Mumbai .
People in Mumbai were so excited that they didn't mind bunking their schools , colleges and most importantly offices for repeated Metro journey. One of spokesperson on condition of anonymity revealed that those coming with cars also decided to stay away from their offices and preferred repeated Metro travel. Also in one of the school , teachers and students refused to get inside their school saying that amid such a hot climate they would prefer sitting in Metro because it had Air Conditioner . They demanded school officials to conduct lectures in Metro trains itself until monsoon arrives .
Trying to find out why few employees decided to attend and stay present , our team found out that those who had remained present on Monday had already enjoyed the Metro journey on Sunday.
Amid so many confusions in Metro many people were lost and had to call up their relatives and friends to pick them up from the station. Inquiring for the reasons, we found that some people found each station same and couldn't differentiate whether it was the boarding station or destination station. One of the person who had taken a small nap while in the Metro , said that train didnt even move for 20-30 minutes while he slept .
Also one of the Mumbai local train stuntman who was fined and warned multiple times by Railway Police for performing various stunts like sliding and running on the platform while train was running , hitting every signal post in between the stations and whistling and taunting at girls and women on the platform while the train was running, was upset of this new type of trains like Monorail and Metro. When asked for the reason , that boy said " Since the doors are closed we cannot perform any sort of stunts that we had been doing on local trains since last 5-6 years ." One of them even claimed to have expertised and obtained a certificate on those type of stunts. They said that these trains are not suitable for people like them because they were too secure for them . They also demanded few doors to be let open for them on some specific trains . They also said " Now when we whistle and taunt on girls standing on platforms they barely notice them and their voice was not able reach out of the train because of the sealed trains. They were also furious about these trains , because their parents forced them to travel by these "extra safe trains" , so that their life is not on stake.

Those who didn't go or have decided not to take Metro journey said -" we had planned that we would not travel by Metro, why should we travel when we never have to go to Versova or Andheri. Also we have our own vehicles for small distance travels . But our friends on Facebook , WhatsApp and Twitter have been persistently uploading new photos and making us jealous . They had spent yesterday's 6-7 hours in the Metro and had snapped some 50-80 photos and had also planned a visit for today . I didn't like this overhype they created but I have started to get that urge to travel by Metro and might soon plan a travel."

Some people who didn't knew how to stand on escalators had taken some extra coaching since last few days on Railway Escalators just to get the complete feeling of the Metro train that made its debut in Mumbai on Sunday.

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