Mumbai -a city that never sleeps,

A DJ’s jams, the beggar’s weep.

The ambitious young always dare,

To make a difference because they care


The rich will always live with pride,

Denying the poor through their fancy ride

I must say, there is change…

Taking place in those hearts full of rage


On crooked roads, the rickshaws drive,

That’s one way the rural survives.

They fight traffic and hope to thrive.

But the jaded ones don’t try.



You will not see a wounded alone,

Some passers-by who haven’t gone

They must, they must heal the fellow city-man

For all they know, it’s a value they stand



Today you are poor, tomorrow you may be rich

You may be able to afford Nita Lula’s stich

A city full of jobs, a place crowded with dreams

No one complains after what they have seen



Love it or hate it, if you must!

The community will earn your trust

For I am a Mumbaikar, I know you’ll be fine

Just cherish the lovely sky-high shine






I have been living in the UK for 2 years and this is my second visit since. I have missed this city and this is an ode to the spirits of Mumbai :) This poem just flowed from my heart like a river.

Hope you enjoyed reading it!



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