Another year of my life is going to be over,
yes, it is my life's 20th year,
Few things need to be made clear,
because it is the end of this year,


strangest year of my life this was
I experienced love, fear, anxiety, delusion and hatred,
all of up to their peak values!
Despite of lot of attention,
I felt myself devoured by loneliness,
my solitude left me in to the jungle of wildness,
where my notions lost their way to my heart,
I had had a broken link between my heart and my mind,
this year even, my mind lost its mind_this is funny to say!
but yes, my mind forgot the way to think,
my sentences forgot the connection of words,
all the intuitions and creativity got covered with the dust of negligence .
my tears lost their way to the eyes,
my heart lost its way to the reality,
my eyes forgot to see, and
my tongue forgot to speak!
my fragile soul left my body,
my conscience rested with my soul,
I was left behind, thinking whether to get the conscience back or my soul?
I felt like a vacuum,
all the goodness in me seems to die,or I am unable to feel it.
Being an attraction became a curse for me
I was made to face the situations where I had to act meanly even I didn't want to
my explanations lost their reasons,
cz my mind has been out of state
I am still not awake,
but may writing help me out...
I feel like a dummy who can move,but without any sense of emotions
because this year gave me the reasons to cry, but I could not (in its real essence)
my real is finding its way back, or i m after it,
whatever the case is, I seek to Allah to help me once again_
once again to know what I am ! ! ! I feel like a dust, which cannot move on its own,
I am missing in myself ...
Yes, there have been smiles and laughter,
but, what matters to me most is my REALITY

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