Alone in my bedroom with one cigarette and nowhere to go,
It Seems like I had more friends than this just 7 months ago.

My life fell apart, but I thinks it’s for the best, all we ever did is argue and get high on meth
So many lost times, so many regrets, how is this pain so hard to let go of and forget

We spent so much time thinking and worrying about shit that wasn’t important, while our kids were inside the house alone with trash and clothes all over the flooring.

It’s so damn hard to think that I could have been such a person, screamin at my little ones as they cried for some love and affection

From a mommy and a daddy that weren’t there, we were twillin in the garage, worried about who put the dope where.
Now that all that craziness is gone and far away, I aint gonna never miss those geekin days

I can’t say that I didn’t lose anything in all my years of getting high, lost everything I owned three times this time lost my wife.

I was tore up, I was lonely and I never thought I would be Josh again, but that man upstairs didn’t hesitate when I asked him to jump in.

Them kids that I spoke of, those little angels brought to earth, are all with me, and I love all three children more and more since birth

So as I grind through another day of this thing they call life, and I start to feel like I can’t take all this stress and this strife. I just remember those three reasons for me for me to smile and be happy, cause I know tomorrow morning, I get to hear ……..”Wake up daddy!”

to Hayhay, Jayjay and jakey

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