[Scene 1]

DOCTOR - (Checking pulse rate) Hmm.....Nurse, get him on the bed.

NURSE - Down, lay down. Yes, yes, you're doing it right.

DOCTOR - (Setting up the scan) Alright, send him in.

(Nurse sends the patient through through the scan)

DOCTOR - Hmm.....Okay.

(Nurse makes the patient get face to face with the doctor)

NED - (Smiles) Heh! Heh?

DOCTOR - (Smiles and rubs Ned's head) Don't worry. Call Mark.

NURSE - (From outside) Mark!

(Mark enters)

DOCTOR - Have a seat.

MARK - He's okay?

DOCTOR - Take Ned outside, Nurse. It'll be a while.

(Nurse and Ned go out)

DOCTOR - Right then, Mark. How do you I break this to you.

MARK - I-It's fine. I kind of anticipated this moment too.

DOCTOR - Let's not talk as doctor to attendee. Let's talk as doctor to doctor, then only you can understand the situation.

MARK - Right.

DOCTOR - I can definitely say that his mental state hasn't improved. It has gotten worse.

MARK - How worse?

DOCTOR - Just as how it's gotten worse through previous years. Like everything that builds up, there comes a point, where things just cross the limits.

MARK - Paul.

DOCTOR - I don't know how to stress his current state now. Let me give it straight to you. If he goes into depression, or any unhappy mood, he'll get suicidal thoughts.

MARK - What?!

DOCTOR - Listen, his electric impulse has gotten slower. The Myelin Sheath layer over about 60% of his entire Nervous System has gotten weaker, some have been completely damaged.

MARK - H-His X Ray Scan?

DOCTOR - Oh that, I just did that. I'll have to wait for it to process. That'll take about 2 to 3 days or so. As of now, as per the tests I have conducted on his mental stability. It's not stable.

(Mark is upset)

DOCTOR - It's not too late, Mark. We can still conduct surgery on him, to repair his neurone connections. It's possible.

MARK - (Looks up) A-Any other option left?

DOCTOR - Hmm.....surgery is the best one we have as of now. That's if you want him back, as a normal person. Now, hmm....you'll have to ensure he does not get moody, that leading to depression and other unhappy moods. Keep him satisfied as much as you can. You're qualified enough for mental training right?

MARK - Y-Yes.

DOCTOR - Yes, so just give him some training at home, to help improve his thinking, understanding, possibly even raise his IQ. Yet, that is a challenge. For now focus on improving his thinking and understanding skills. At the next check up, if there's improvement, we'll give support for training his mind even further.

MARK - I-I can still do it after the next check up, when there's improvement right?

DOCTOR - No, no. You're mostly just a Neurosurgeon. You only have a undergrad in mental training. He needs highly qualified trainers if there's improvement. Just try your best, okay?

MARK - (Nods).

DOCTOR - (Smiles) Take care.

[Scene 2]

(Mark's home)

MARK - (Holding Ned) Alright, Ned. Sit, Sit.....on the couch.

(Ned sits)

NED - Ha! hahaha! (bouncing on the couch).

MARK - Hmm...never gets old.

NED - Oold?

MARK - Hahaha.....old, Ned, it's old.

NED - O-O-Old.

MARK - Yes, that's it. You're getting there. (Arm on Ned's shoulder) Listen bro, you know my friend Paul right? the doctor?

NED - Docta! Docta!

MARK - Yes, yes. You've seen him a million times now. Well, I-I've said this, e-every six months and all. Nothing big, you're going to okay.

NED - M-Mee?

MARK - You....okay. As long as you're with....me.

NED - Mee! Mee!

MARK - Hehehe, Ned. Having the time of your life, aren't you?

(Ned is gazing at the ceiling)

MARK - Hmm....I-I'll go make lunch. TV? y-you want to watch TV?

NED - Tee Pee! Tee Pee! (clapping his hands).

MARK - Alright, alright. I'm turning it on. Right, no HBO (switches channel).

NED - Eh?

MARK - No Comedy Central (switches channel).

NED - Ah?

MARK - No, definitely no CNN.

NED - Ka! ka!

MARK - You're not cut out for those channels yet. You start from the bottom, alright?

NED - Hmm....

MARK - Playhouse Disney? or Disney Channel?

NED - D-Dah! neey!

MARK - Disney it is then. Oh look! perfect timing, your favourite show.

(Phineas and Ferb on TV)

NED - Phinea!!

MARK - Phineas....and Ferb, say Ferb.

NED - F-F-Fah urb.

MARK - Okay then. (Turns and goes back) Why don't people give a damn about Ferb?

NED - D-Dahm?

MARK - No, no! d-don't say that again.

NED - Eh?

MARK - It's a shush mm.

NED - Oh! shush mm.

MARK - Right. Don't change the channel, alright?

(Ned is focused on TV)

MARK - No that he's occupied (gets into cooking lunch).

(On TV)

PHINEAS - Ferb! I know what we're going to do today!

NED - Ah! Ah! (in excitement).

PHINEAS - A time machine!

NED - T-Tah eeme.

(Mark Smiles)

[Scene 3]

(At the hospital)

NURSE - Doctor Paul? Doctor Paul!

DOCTOR - Coming! coming! yes?

NURSE - Ned's Scan.

DOCTOR - Oh right. That was quite early, don't you think?

NURSE - Turns out no one needed the Scan Printer.

DOCTOR - Hmm...that's a record around here. (Checks the brain out) The cortex is a bit damaged here, you see that?

NURSE - Yes, yes.

DOCTOR - Look closely, the neurones are almost jumbled up like a ball of yarn here.

NURSE - Could Ned be having seizures at those times?

DOCTOR - Could be, but we would've known beforehand. For now I'm going to go with the breakdown of Myelin Sheath. The lost insulation is causing the neurones to clump into one. Just like electric wires, you remove the the insulated coating off, everything becomes a mess.

NURSE - Certainly.

[Scene 4]

(Phone rings at home)

NED - Phon! Phon!

MARK - Hold on! I-I'll get it.

(Picks up the phone)

MARK - Hello?

DOCTOR - Mark, it's me.

MARK - Oh, Paul. Tell me, what is it?

DOCTOR - I uh...got the scan done with.

MARK - Oh....that was quick.

DOCTOR - No scans as of now today.

MARK - Okay, what does it say?

DOCTOR - The cortex is slightly damaged. At the same area there's a clump of neurones together like yarn.

MARK - Oh....

NED - Eh?

MARK - (To Ned) That way, (eye gestures and moves to the kitchen).

DOCTOR - Mark?

MARK - I'm here! tell me.

DOCTOR - Yes, so his cortex is slightly damaged. Neurone clump is detected at the site of damage. This will affect his consciousness.

MARK - Right.

DOCTOR - Training him by yourself until the next check up may give you a tough time. Should I send a consultant to come help out?

MARK - No, no. It's fine. If I can't do the surgery, least I can do is train him.

DOCTOR - Right. Still, I don't want you to forget the surgery option. I still believe it's better for Ned.

MARK - I-I have my own personal worries, Paul. I feel he's better off.

DOCTOR - That' your choice. Remember what I said earlier on: when stuff keeps building up, on and on and on, things get worse. Today, he's as sensitive as housefly resting on your palm. Tomorrow, god knows - seizures, maybe even-

MARK - I get it. Just...d-don't bring it up. I'll see what I can do at that point.

DOCTOR - I want you to take the right decision, Mark. Surgery is difficult if you bring him in at a very late stage. Keep that in mind.

MARK - Sure (drops the call).

(Oven makes a ding sound - Mark takes the food out of the oven)

MARK - (Holding the tray) Ned! Ned!

(Ned doesn't pay attention)

MARK - Foo Foo is ready!

NED - Foo? Foo Foo!

MARK - Yes, so just....turn off the Tee Pee.

NED - Tah? urn?

MARK - Like this, pick up (gestures) the remote.

(Ned follows his instructions)

MARK - Yes, now move your thumb (gestures) to the red button.

NED - Reh? Reh?

MARK - No, that's volume control. Red, go up, up, up...

(Moves thumb up very slowly)

MARK - Yes, now thumb...press (gestures).

NED - Ooh! (presses the button).

(TV turns off)

MARK - Yes! you did it!

NED - (Smiling) Ay!!

MARK - Come....for foo foo.

NED - Foo! Foo!

(at the lunch table, they enjoy eating the food)

[Scene 5]

(At the Public Park - Ned and Mark holding hands and strolling)

MARK - Ned? Ned? what do you see?

NED - (Turns to him) Eh?

MARK - See...(finger gestures) what do you see?

NED - Um.....

MARK - That's okay. We uh....we haven't got to that part yet. We'll get there.

(A soccer ball reaches Ned)

NED - Ooh!! (picks it up)

MARK - Ned...Ned, that's not ours. Put it down.

BOY 1 - (Running towards Ned to get the ball) Sorry, sir. C-Can I have my ball back?

NED - Eh?

MARK - Ned, what did I tell you about finding things. If it's not yours, you put it....down.

NED - D-Dah oon?!

MARK - Doon.

NED - Oh! (puts it down).

MARK - Yes, yes. That's a good boy.

BOY 1 - Eh?

MARK - S-Sorry there, little one. Here you go.

(The boy's mother rushes in)

MOTHER 1 - Hello?! Baxter! Baxter where are you?

BOY 1 - I'm here ma!

MOTHER 1 - Where were you?

BOY 1 - Just getting my ball.

MOTHER 1 - Sorry to bother. Kick more gently next time, okay?

NED - K-Kah keeck! keeck!

MOTHER 1 - Um...

MARK - D-Don't mind him. Carry on.

(Mother takes his son along, back to where they came from)

MOTHER 1 - (Fading sound) Be careful around here. You don't know what kind of weirdo you'll run into next.

(Mark over hears)

MARK - (Upset) Come on, Ned. T-There are much better places to be.

[Scene 6]

(At home)

NED - Hoom! Hoom! Hoom!! (all over the place).

MARK - Alright, alright. Hold on a second. No TV time just yet. You're going to do some training with me.

NED - Eh?

MARK - Sit...sit down.

(they sit on the couch, face to face)

MARK - (Soft voice) Okay, Ned. I, I'm going to.....help you, improve your (car engine noises).

(Ned makes the same car engine noise as him)

MARK - Hehehe, never gets old. Are you with me? (thumbs up).

NED - Ooh! (shows thumbs up).

MARK - Now then (places four different coloured cards on the space in front). Ned, I want you to pick up, the red card.

NED - P-P-Pah?

MARK - Pick...like this (demonstrates).

NED - Ooh! Ooh!

MARK - Okay, so, pick up the red card for me.

(Ned picks up the same card Mark picked up)

MARK - Not quite. That's yellow. Red, you remember the colour don't you?

(Ned thinks hard and picks up the red card)

MARK - That's great! that's great, you're doing great. Remember: this, this is red.

NED - Rah Rah!

MARK - Let's go with that.

(Mark takes four different coloured pencils out)

MARK - Ned, find the red pencil.

NED - Rah? Rah Rah?!

MARK - Yes, yes. Rah Rah pencil.

(Ned thinks for a while, looks back at the red card, and picks up the red pencil)

MARK - Great. You're doing great!

NED - Ay!! Ay!!

MARK - I'm proud of you. Tomorrow we'll do the colour blue.

NED - B-B-Buh ooh!

MARK - And....you've got spit all over me.

[Scene 7]

(Dinner table - Ned and Mark are eating)

MARK - Ned? no, don't use the fork and knife. Dangerous, as of now. You the spoon, it's mashed potatoes anyways.

NED - Spoo? spoo!

MARK - How do I do this, hmm.

(Mark picks up three different coloured spoons)

MARK - Ned, pick up the Rah Rah spoon.

NED - R-Rah Rah spoo?! (thinks and picks up the red spoon).

MARK - That's great! you're doing great, my man.

NED - Ay!! Ay!!

MARK - Now be careful. Eat with that spoon.

(Ned eats with the red spoon in a relatively clumsy manner)

MARK - Hmm....got to clean that up afterwards.

[Scene 8]

(Next day morning - doorbell rings)

NANCY - Morning, Mark.

MARK - Oh hey. He's inside, and still in deep sleep. I wrote all the things you need to do on a sticky note. It's on the fridge (getting his bag ready for work).

NANCY - Don't worry, Mark. I'll take care of it.

MARK - And um...this time, just be extra careful with him. Doctor said he's in his critical state, and god knows what he'll do next.

NANCY - It'll be fine. I'll take care of it. If anything's not going well, I'll give you a call.

MARK - Okay then, bye.

NANCY - Bye now! (closes the door)

[Scene 9]

(At the Hospital)

DOCTOR - Hey, Mark. How's Ned doing?

MARK - Yes, doing great actually. He's picking up colours at a good pace.

DOCTOR - That's nice to hear.

MARK - Nancy's on duty, and I've told her everything. She can manage it.

DOCTOR - Still, I want you to stay on guard.

JAMES - Hey, Mark. How's it going?

MARK - Fine, you? when did you get back from Singapore?

JAMES - Last night.

MARK - Must've been a pain all these months there.

JAMES - The place is great. I just got too busy with my chiropractic appointments. I would get so many patients each day.

MARK - You have like five or seven here a day, or a week I suppose.

JAMES - I got like ten to twenty over there, man. It's rather shocking to see 20 year olds get treatment. Most of their cases are because of looking down at their gadgets.

MARK - I see.

JAMES - Forget that, did you meet her?

MARK - Meet who?

JAMES - We have a new cardiologist, her name is Lisa.

MARK - Where is she?

JAMES - She's in her office, fourth floor.

MARK - Right then.

[Scene 10]

(Lisa's office - Mark enters)

LISA - Hi, can I help you?

(Mark falls in love with her - love at first sight)

LISA - Ehem....can I help you?

MARK - Sorry um...my name is Doctor Mark, Neurosurgeon (shakes hand).

LISA - Oh sorry (shakes hand) Lisa, Cardiologist. I just joined today.

MARK - Good to hear. I-I uh, just came by to uh....y-you know uh...

LISA - A-Are you okay?

MARK - I'm fine, t-totally fine. J-Just came to give you the warm welcome.

LISA - (Smiles) Thank you. I look forward to working with you all at any point.

MARK - S-Same here.

(awkward silence between both in the office)

LISA - Um...I-I've got to do the rounds at the ICU.

MARK - Yes, yes. Please go, s-sorry, I-I meant, sorry for taking up your time.

(Lisa is confused and leaves)

MARK - (Heavy breath relief) Oh god. That was a rush. Jeez, what's wrong with me?

[Scene 11]

(Lunch break - the doctors are at the canteen. Mark and James are in one table)

MARK - (Staring at Lisa, who's at the other side) Uh huh?

JAMES - So yes. Income was pretty much satisfactory there, but I just think the law is too strict, don't you think? you can't even chew gum.

MARK - Uh huh (staring at Lisa).

JAMES - So I uh....(notices Mark) ehem, ehem!

MARK - What? What was that?

JAMES - You uh, you okay, man? why are you gazing at the horizons?

MARK - (Staring at Lisa again) She is the horizon.

JAMES - She? (looks at where he's looking) Oh....Lisa.

MARK - Uh huh.

JAMES - You told her yet?

MARK - Told her what?

JAMES - Your love.

MARK - You serious? we just started.

JAMES - Ehem, yo just started.

MARK - Right, so I just started. I-I'm still a bit nervous about this. In the morning I was stammering like anything at her.

JAMES - Come on, it can't get any worse than that.

MARK - I sounded like a spoken English student.

JAMES - Oh well. You never try, you never know. That's what I say.

MARK - Should I take a chance now?

JAMES - Go for your life.

MARK - Hmm....b-but her new friends are with her too.

JAMES - Go for it. It'll be a good test.

MARK - You think so?

JAMES - You either start now, or tomorrow she becomes someone else's wife.

(Mark gets up and approaches Lisa's table)

LISA - So yes, I-I've had a pretty good run so far.

CAITLIN - At the same university, I had Professor Kevin. Did you?

LISA - No. He was part of the Pediatric faculty.

NATALIE - I see...

MARK - Ehem...

(the ladies direct their attention towards Mark)

LISA - Oh, Mark right?

MARK - Y-Yes.

LISA - What's up?

MARK - W-What's up um.....t-the ceiling?


LISA - (Giggles) Good joke.

MARK - That was funny?

LISA - No seriously, what did you want to talk about?

MARK - J-Just um...y-you know uh. W-We just met and um, y-you've been like....

LISA - Like?

MARK - S-Skipping on my head lately.

NATALIE - Skipping on your head? what is she a leprechaun?

CAITLIN - Hahaha.

MARK - U-Um....

LISA - Well?

(Mark starts sweating a bit. Now the cashier at the canteen counter)

CASHIER - (To Doctor Paul) That'll be $7.50.

MARK - (All of a sudden, across the canteen) I'll pay for that!!

(Ladies react awkwardly to Mark)

MARK - Don't worry....I-I didn't know you already bought lunch. H-He's my senior so....

(Mark makes a dash to escape)

DOCTOR - Mark?

MARK - (Whispers) Sorry, Paul (gives him the money).

DOCTOR - I don't owe you anything, you know that right?

MARK - (Whispers) It's a treat for attending to Ned.

(Mark rushes back to his table)

JAMES - What...was that?

MARK - Don't ask.

JAMES - I don't know what you did there. That uh, that was-

MARK - Shit, am I right?

JAMES - Sure, keep it that way.

MARK - Just screwed up my chances.

JAMES - Don't worry. She won't become your wife tomorrow.

(Mark reacts to James in an awkward way)

JAMES - I-I meant, sure w-why not?

MARK - (Face palms) I'm such a train wreck.

JAMES - Sure.

[Scene 12]

(At home - Mark is talking to Ned)

MARK - And so, I met a new person. She's a doctor, just like me...

NED - (Listening to Mark) Ooh...

MARK - Very, very pretty.

NED - Ah....

MARK - V-Very cute...

NED - Ooh....

MARK - I....heart...her (gestures it out).

NED - Hahaha!

MARK - It's good right? I know.

NED - M-Makee?

MARK - Yes, Ned?

NED - Ooh, er, (gestures using ring finger).

MARK - Oh um...(gets reminded about his screw up) how do I say this....

(Remembers what Doctor Paul said, "Keep him satisfied with life")

MARK - You know what? counter her in. She, us, together (gestures for together).

NED - Ehehehe haha! (hugs Mark).

(Mark hugs back)

MARK - S-She'll come one day, don't worry.

[Scene 13]

(At work)

JAMES - What's your next move?

MARK - I'll see to it. I told you I shouldn't rush it.

JAMES - She'll become someone else's-

MARK - Say that one more time and you'll end up getting a chiropractic treatment yourself.

(Mark leaves)

JAMES - That's harsh.

[Scene 14]

NURSE 2 - Doctor Mark, here's your next patient.

MARK - Get him in.

(the patient is rolled in with an adult)

GEORGE - Hello Doctor.

MARK - Take a seat.

GEORGE - My mother had a stroke yesterday.

MARK - I see...

GEORGE - We consulted a Cardiologist to come in to check on her system. Apart from that, a clinic doctor said she has some damage in her left side.

MARK - Yes, yes, it happens. You've covered the charges right?


MARK - Okay then. We'll conduct her surgery in another 10 minutes. Please wait outside.

NURSE 2 - Come sir.

(Nurse takes George out - Mark attends to the patient)

MARK - Hmm...(taps the patient's left arm with a wooden stick) do you feel anything?

PATIENT - (High pitched voice) A-A bit!

MARK - Hmm....(taps again on her leg) now?


(Mark taps her left side a few more times and writes his observations down)

MARK - Hmm....alright. Nothing to worry about, miss. You'll be able to walk later on.

PATIENT - Y-You're sure?

MARK - No need to worry. We'll just have to fix some minor damages on your left side. It seems that your reflex arc isn't functioning.

PATIENT - O-Okay then.

MARK - Would you like anything?

PATIENT - W-Water.

MARK - Nurse! get her some water!

(Lisa and the Nurse walk in - Mark becomes nervous)

LISA - (Avoids Mark and attends to the patient) Hi miss, I'm doctor Lisa.

PATIENT - H-Hi dear! w-where have you been?

LISA - Just been around here. Don't worry, I've just come to check your pulse and blood pressure.

(Lisa checks her pulse and writes down the readings)

LISA - Hmm....seems a bit down.

PATIENT - Is it?

LISA - Nothing to worry. Once you have your operation with me, everything will be alright.

PATIENT - I hope so, dear.

(Lisa checks her blood pressure)

LISA - Blood pressure is a bit high. That'll stabilize after operation. Um....Doctor Mark?

MARK - Y-Yes?

LISA - Can I have her report?

MARK - H-Here (hands it over to her).

(Lisa goes over it and returns it back to him)

LISA - It seems just a part of her Aorta is experiencing some strain.

MARK - I see...

LISA - Once you're down, give me a call. I'll come and check to see any improvement.

MARK - O-Okay.

(Lisa leaves - Mark watches her leave. Mark's crew enter)

MARK - R-Right then. Shall we start, miss?

PATIENT - I'll be fine, right?

MARK - You'll be fine. Nurse? get her on the bed.

(Nurse gets her on the bed)

MARK - Anesthesia.

NURSE 3 - Miss, what flavour do you like? mango or strawberry?

PATIENT - Mango please.

NURSE 3 - Okay (places a mask over her nose and mouth - mango anesthetic).

(Patient falls asleep - Mark conducts the surgery)

[Scene 15]

(After Surgery)

NURSE 2 - Madam? are you okay?

PATIENT - Y-Yes, w-what happened?

NURSE 3 - Your surgery is done!

PATIENT - Already? how long was I asleep for?

NURSE 3 - About an hour and a half.

PATIENT - And I didn't know.

MARK - Hehehe, don't worry. You'll be okay soon. Just stay comfortable where you are. No sudden movements, alright?

PATIENT - Sure. Thanks doc!

MARK - Hehehe, you're welcome.

(Mark leaves the operation room)

GEORGE - How is she, doctor?

MARK - Yes, it went well. She had a minor damage in her reflex arc. She's perfectly fine now, you can go see her. Just make sure she makes no sudden movements for 24 hours. We've given her a vaccine to stabilize things.

GEORGE - Thank you doctor.

(George and Mark go in)

GEORGE - How are you ma?

PATIENT - Am fine dear, just fine.

GEORGE - No sudden movements alright? for 24 hours.

PATIENT - That long? but why?


MARK - (Calls up Lisa) U-Um....Lisa? s-surgery was successful. Please do drop by (drops the call).


PATIENT - Oh I see....

GEORGE - You feel a bit tingly anywhere?

PATIENT - Just on my left side. All of a sudden, I feel some stuff.

NURSE 2 - Your receptors are slowly starting to work.

GEORGE - I see...

[Scene 16]

(Lisa enters the room)

LISA - Alright then, how are you doing, madam?

PATIENT - Fine dear. I was asleep for like, how long?

LISA - Hehehe. Don't worry, I'll just check to see any improvement.

(Lisa checks her blood pressure and pulse)

LISA - Hmm...(writes her observations down) Pretty much the same.

PATIENT - I thought I would get better.

LISA - Right, but he was working on your nervous system. Parts of your Aorta are still experiencing some strain.

PATIENT - Okay then.

LISA - What was the case?

MARK - U-Um...her receptors apparently were malfunctioning, mostly on her left side. This made it hard for her to detect stimuli.

LISA - I see.

MARK - We've given her a vaccine, you can take her in tomorrow afternoon.

LISA - Right, right. Okay, that's fine. Thank you very much.

MARK - Your welcome. Nurse? you can take her back to the ICU.

NURSE 2 - Yes, doctor.

(Nurse leaves with the Patient and George)

[Scene 17]

(Mark's home)

NANCY - Alright now, Ned? Ned!

NED - D-Deh?

NANCY - Time for snackers!

NED - Sna-sna...

NANCY - That's it, that's it. Walk down the steps....slowly.

(Ned rushes at first)

NANCY - Slowly! you're going to fall and hurt yourself. Slow....and gentle.

NED - Hehehe.....

NANCY - Cheerios? (shakes the cheerios box)

NED - Ha! Ha! Ha!!

NANCY - Alright, alright. No fuss....sit in your chair. I'll get the food ready.

[Scene 18]

(Lisa's Room)

LISA - I've given her the painkiller, so that she doesn't experience too much irritation in her chest.

GEORGE - Would it be serious?

LISA - No, no. I only because I've cleared the block in the Aorta. She's had a plaque build up in the vessel. We've inserted something like a inflatable balloon in side, to increase the cross sectional area of the vessel.

GEORGE - Right then, is there anything else? medication or special diet?

LISA - Nothing serious. I can't give advice on her nervous responses. Speaking about that (dials Mark) Hello? Doctor Mark? yes, please come over, thank you (puts down the phone). As I was saying, I can advice on the cardiac aspects of things. The build up of plaque is primarily due to consumption of fatty food and salts. Here onwards, just give her a controlled diet with less salt and fat proportions. Otherwise, her heart rate is only just below par for her. It'll get better within a few days.

(Mark enters)

MARK - You called?

LISA - Yes. I've given her a special diet request. Anything from your side?

MARK - Yes, yes. Um....do make sure you don't do intensive physical work. Track records say she's um....68?


MARK - Yes, so there's no reason why she can't exercise. Just make sure she doesn't push it to the limits. Exercises such as the usual stretches, yoga, maybe even a jog if she's into it. Nothing more than that, do you think so Doctor Lisa?

LISA - Yes, I feel this would do her good. Anything else?

GEORGE - Medication?

LISA - Not really. If you insist, you yourself can get her some energy drinks - glucose type of energy drinks. This is so that her blood flow and activeness is stimulated. Otherwise, she could result to sluggishness.

MARK - Nothing from my side. Just take care.

GEORGE - Thank you very much.

LISA - Right then, have a good day!

(Mark is still waiting in her room)

LISA - (Notices him) Um...Mark?

MARK - (Snaps awake) Yes, yes, you called?

LISA - We're done. You wanted to ask me something?

MARK - Um....n-not that I can think of. You?

LISA - Nothing much. Mark, I-I've got to finish her medical reports before submission. If you mind....

MARK - Yes, yes. Sorry, sorry to bother. You carry on (leaves the room).

[Scene 19]

(Back home - before going to sleep)

MARK - So yes, we uh...we finally worked together. It was fun, what do you think?

NED - Uh...hehehe!

MARK - Hehe....thought so. I don't know, Ned. She's driving me crazy.

NED - Eh? lalalala?

MARK - No, no, not lalalala type of crazy. I mean, she's tickling my heart. You know....(tickles Ned).

NED - Hahaha! hahaha!

MARK - You see? t-that's what she's doing to me right now.

NED - Ooh....(tickles Mark).

MARK - Hey! come on! stop! stop! hahaha. Trying to be funny huh?

NED - Hehehe.

MARK - You're probably the only person of....your type.....who does good comedy.

NED - Eh?!

MARK - You...hahaha....me.

NED - Oh....Oh! hahaha.

MARK - (Huge breath relief) How should I get close to her? you have any ideas?

NED - Hmm....eh?

MARK - I want a wife, who truly loves me. You want a sister, and someone like a mother to look after you. I can't do that if I don't get close to her. Ideas?

NED - (Gets up and hands him a Rubik's cube) Deh?

MARK - This is going to help me? explain.

NED - (Takes the Rubik's cube and twists it, to his astonishment) Oh!!

MARK - That's how it works.

(Ned twists it in front of Mark)

MARK - (Takes the Rubik's cube in hand) Let me see if I get you. You want me to (twists a part of cube) try out, every combination, every possible way (twists a part of a cube) until I, get everything right?

NED - Poko?

MARK - Now you want diapers?

NED - Poko Poko Poko!

MARK - I guess I can take your idea. (Whispers) Like I never thought that in the first place.

[Scene 20]

(Heavy traffic down the road)

MR. FREDRICK - (On his bike) Hey you! get a move on already! I'm late to work y'know!

DRIVER 1 - We all are, you duck!

MR. FREDRICK - You watch your mouth! a friend of mine's a lawyer! better be careful!

(Green light)

MR. FREDRICK - About time (crosses the junction and gets hit by a truck, by accident) Ah!!! (hits the back of his head and unconscious).

PERSON 1 - Guys!! guys!! we have a man down! man down!

(crowd gathers around the man)

PERSON 2 - (On the phone) Hello? ambulance? there's an accident on Junction 5, Cecil Street.

(Ambulance show up)

POLICE OFFICER - Who's the driver?

DRIVER 2 - It's me.

POLICE OFFICER - What's the matter with you? drunk and driving?

DRIVER 2 - No.

POLICE OFFICER - Constable! hand me that breathalyzer.

DRIVER 2 - Sir, please don't do this.

(Ambulance moves off)

[Scene 21]

(In Hospital - Mr. Fredrick rushed into ICU)

NURSE 5 - Okay, hold on sir. Don't panic, we're getting you into ICU. Is there anyone coming to help?

(Mr. Fredrick struggles to hand over his cell phone, and tells the Nurse to call a specific person)

NURSE 5 - Hello? are you Mr. Fredrick's daughter? yes, your father met with an accident. Please, come immediately.

(In ICU)

DOCTOR - Is this Mr. Fredrick?

NURSE 5 - Yes, doctor.

DOCTOR - Alright then (examines the injuries. He notices an impact bump on the back of his head). Oh, that's going to be painful.

NURSE 5 - What's the case?

DOCTOR - There are cuts and scars mostly on his right side. I feel, we can control the bleeding easily. Otherwise, he has a huge bump on the back of head. We need to arrange for an operation.

[Scene 22]

MARK - (On the phone) Hello? okay, I'll be there.

(he goes to see Mr. Fredrick)

NURSE 5 - Doctor Mark, he's Mr. Fredrick.

MARK - Doctor Paul?

DOCTOR - You'll have to rush him in for operation. He has a huge bump on the back of his head. He's mildly conscious. Please check to see if he's going to be fine, if not conduct the operation.

(Lisa enters)

LISA - Dad? Dad!! (crying over to seeing his father)

MARK - Y-Your father?

LISA - (In tears) Yes, i-is he fine? oh my god, so much blood loss.

DOCTOR - Just a pint of blood will be enough. What blood group is he?

LISA - B Positive.

DOCTOR - You can contact blood donors for your father. In the mean time, Mark here will be testing his reflexes. He may need to undergo operation.

LISA - M-Mark, b-be careful.

MARK - D-Don't worry. I'll take good care of your father.

LISA - Thanks (leaves).

[Scene 23]

(Mark's room)

MARK - Mr. Fredrick? Mr. Fredrick? I know you're not fully awake. I hope you can still listen to me. I'm Doctor Mark, I'll be testing your reflexes. Don't worry, you daughter, s-she's also coming to help out.

MR. FREDRICK - (Faint voice) E-Eh.

MARK - Now then (taps on about his body and sees that his reflexes are quite okay). Oh, that's a huge bump on the back of your head. What's your name?

(Mr. Fredrick says he doesn't know in a faint voice)

MARK - Who's your daughter?

(Mr. Fredrick says he doesn't know in a faint voice)

MARK - Hmm....who am I?

(Mr. Fredrick says he doesn't know in a faint voice)

MARK - I see....short term memory loss. Don't worry, just a small operation. You'll be fine.

(Lisa enters)

LISA - Mark. Is my father okay?

MARK - His reflexes are fine. However, h-he has short term memory loss.

LISA - He what? (goes to his father) Y-You remember me?

(Mr. Fredrick says he doesn't know in a faint voice)

LISA - What?!

MARK - Lisa, c-calm down. I'm a doctor, you're a doctor. We can do this. Your father will be fine. Trust me.

LISA - (Tears) I-I don't want to lose him.

MARK - (Holds Lisa by the arms) You won't, alright? he's going to be alright.

LISA - Okay.

MARK - Listen. I was thinking, s-since we're both doctors. Y-You're more welcome to support your father throughout the operation.

LISA - Yes, t-that'll be great. Thank you so much, Mark (hugs him).

MARK - (Hugs her back, in shock) Y-Your welcome.

[Scene 24]

(Operation Room)

MARK - Nurse? hand me the gloves.

NURSE 2 - Here (hands them over).

MARK - (Wears them) Lisa? ready?

LISA - Y-Yes.

MARK - If you're not comfortable. You can leave anytime.

LISA - I-I've seen worse. I-It'll be okay - ish.

(Mark conducts the operation)

[Scene 25]

(After the operation)

MARK - (Removes his mask) Well....w-we're done.

LISA - H-He's going to be fine?

MARK - I've given him anesthesia. He'll wake up in another hour or so.

LISA - (Hugs Mark) Thank you so much, Mark! thank you, thanks a ton!

MARK - (Hugs her back) Y-You're most welcome. Go have lunch, it's 3pm.

LISA - O-Okay. I-If he wakes up, call me alright?

MARK - Sure.

(Lisa leaves)

[Scene 26]

(Mark is in his room, drinking coffee, and typing away the final medical reports)

MR. FREDRICK - (Regains conscience) U-Uh...

(Hospital Canteen)

LISA - (On the phone) Hello? oh! I'm coming! (picks up her juice and runs to Mark's room).

(Mark's room)

MARK - Don't worry, sir. You're fine now.


LISA - Dad! Dad!! you're alright!!

MR. FREDRICK - Sweetie...owch!

LISA - What is it?

MR. FREDRICK - Just the aftermath I guess. What was it? painkiller?

MARK - Yes.

MR. FREDRICK - That's probably why.

LISA - You almost gave me a heart attack, dad.

MR. FREDRICK - Dear, you're a cardiologist. You can cure yourself if you'd like.

LISA - Dad...very funny.

MARK - That's a good one.

MR. FREDRICK - I don't what was up today. All of a sudden this big truck just gets the better of me. God knows what his problem was.

MARK - Well, whatever it was. It's over with. I can discharge him tomorrow evening.

LISA - Okay, thank you so much, Mark.

MR. FREDRICK - So that's the name, huh? Mark.

MARK - Y-Yes sir.

MR. FREDRICK - (Looks at both of them) You both uh....colleagues?

LISA - Yes.

MR. FREDRICK - Friends?

LISA - Why not, of course.

(Mark is delighted)

MR. FREDRICK - You uh....(whispers) Love Birds?

LISA - Dad! come on. What's up with you? did he give you laughing gas or something?

MR. FREDRICK - I would've remembered something like that, Lisa.

LISA - Gosh, that was killer.

MR. FREDRICK - Which one? the truck or me?

LISA - Both, I guess (smiles at Mark).

(Mark smiles back)

MR. FREDRICK - (Sees Mark smiling) Hey Stark.

MARK - Mark, sir.

MR. FREDRICK - Mark, Stark, whatever. You both are lying to me aren't ya? you both are into each other.

MARK - Sir uh...

MR. FREDRICK - Listen up, Mark. You saved my life, I have nothing against you. You scared or something?

MARK - S-She's just my colleague, sir. We do this on a regular basis. It doesn't mean I marry every patient's daughter.

(Lisa giggles)

MR. FREDRICK - Did they ever get into relationship talk like me? I am right? now I'm telling you. If you like my daughter, go right ahead. I saw that eye contact and smile, fair and square. If you want it, then go for it alright? don't hesitate.

MARK - Um....

MR. FREDRICK - Ehem.....mark my words. Ha! you see what I did there?

LISA/MARK - Oh (sarcastically) hahaha.

MR. FREDRICK - Great humor, am I right?

LISA - Sure.

MARK - Just to clarify, the medicine I gave him, they're not bad quality.

LISA - (Smiling) I know, I know.

[Scene 27]

(Back home)

MARK - You know what, Ned? you were um....kind of wrong.

NED - Wah wah?

MARK - In a sense that, I didn't need to solve the puzzle. Girls aren't some formula you cook up in a lab, to win over. I guess destiny had it all written in for us.

NED - D-Dahs tee?

MARK - If it wasn't for the accident today. I wouldn't have gotten closer to Lisa. You know what? I-I think I'm starting to warm up for her. You think so too?

NED - Eh em.

MARK - We'll see. I hope everything goes well.

[Scene 28]

(In Hospital - ICU)

MARK - How are you doing, sir?

MR. FREDRICK - Oh me? I'm fine, real fine.

MARK - Okay then. Lunch will be in two hours, you need anything?

MR. FREDRICK - Nah. I think I'll be fine.

MARK - Great. Hang in there.

(Back in Mark's Room - Lisa is present)

MARK - Lisa?

LISA - Mark! oh, sorry.

MARK - What's up? need anything?

LISA - No um...j-just wanted to thank you. You know um....for saving my father.

MARK - My pleasure.

LISA - You know um....I was thinking, maybe after work, we could um.....go for a cup a coffee.

MARK - Sure. What time? because I-I uh....I have to see someone afterwards.

LISA - J-Just for an hour and a half. It'll fine, right?

MARK - S-Sure.

LISA - Right. See you then, 6:30pm! (leaves).

MARK - Yes! (celebrates with a fist pump).

[Scene 29]


MARK - She's digging into me.

JAMES - Who?

MARK - Her.

JAMES - You mean, Lisa?

MARK - Yes.

JAMES - Didn't you just make an awkward move last time?

MARK - Can you not. I saved her father yesterday, and now she's taking me in for a treat.

JAMES - Good, good. Don't screw up this time. Where are you guys going?

MARK - Starbuck's Coffee.

JAMES - Shit. You trying to lose all your money at one go?

MARK - I have great respect for Starbuck's. Customers pay the original price of food and beverages, so that farmers who produce them get a fair income. If you look at other establishments, the farmers barely receive any. That's what I like about Starbuck's, they're fair to the farmers.

JAMES - Man, what was I thinking. I thought they were cheap dip shits.

MARK - Do you always have to say "shit"?

JAMES - When shit comes at you, you don't say feces. Imagine this, "Holy Feces! that priest fell off". Or, "that NBA game was bull feces". Or even-

MARK - I'm eating.

JAMES - Right.

(Mark is eating a curry puff. James sees the curry inside as feces, which he described)

JAMES - Y-You uh, you going to eat the curry? it looks a bit-

MARK - (Pushes the plate over to his side) There goes my $3.50. (Gets up to buy something else).

JAMES - Such a great way to steal food.

[Scene 30]

(At a mall - in Starbuck's Coffee)

LISA - How's your latte?

MARK - Good, yours?

LISA - Good.

(they drink)

LISA - Like I was saying. I'm so grateful for what you did. I-I know you're wondering why though. Y-You see um....m-my mother passed away when I was 6.

(Mark is shocked)

LISA - It's been really tough for me and my dad. My dad would come home early to do all the chores, help me with my school work, do his own office work. I-I didn't want to lose him too.

MARK - Oh.

LISA - (Tears) J-Just the thought of it.

MARK - Lisa. Y-Your father won't leave you, alright? and your mother isn't dead. She's still alive in your memory. As far as that is there, she's not lost.

LISA - (Smiling) Y-You're a great guy, Mark. Thanks (drinks her latte).

MARK - You know what? at least you have your dad. I lost them both in a flight accident.

LISA - What? how?

MARK - They were going on a business trip. Then poof! gone. That was when I was 15. I have a brother too, Ned.

LISA - Ned....younger brother?

MARK - Yes. Even with him, I struggle.

LISA - Why?

MARK - He's uh...(makes the crazy gesture).

LISA - That's so sad.

MARK - I mean, i-it wasn't a birth defect or anything. We went to clinic to give him a vaccine, and it was of bad quality. You know, these type of vaccines, they really mess you up.

LISA - When was this?

MARK - I was 16 that time, and he was 12. I...I was such a fool.

LISA - (Holds his hand) There, there, come on, cheer up. Things like this happen. It's why it's better to go to a hospital and get a vaccine.

MARK - J-Just by the sight of him. I-I feel like such an idiot.

LISA - Y-You can cure him right?

(Mark is Silent)

LISA - I mean, you take care of this kind of stuff.

MARK - I-I have my personal reasons, for why I can't.

LISA - Right. It's better kept a secret.

MARK - Yes.

LISA - Well, this has been a great time. We should do this more often, don't you think?

MARK - Yes, definitely. I'd like that.

LISA - Well then, I'll take off from here. Good night! (leaves)

MARK - Good night (Leaves his separate way).

[Scene 31]

(Back home)

MARK - I-I told her about....you know what, forget it. What happened, just happened.

NED - Huh...Huh...Huh.

MARK - We have some things in common. We are both um....you know what, l-let's leave that aside too. What did you do today?

NED - Eh?!

MARK - Di Da?

NED - Di Da! Di Da! (points at the TV set).

MARK - Slouching, I see. Very productive of you. Out of curiosity what were you watching? (turns on the TV)

(Fashion Show channel is on)

MARK - Wow....so this is what you're into?

NED - (Nods awkwardly) Dei.

MARK - I never knew there was such a channel on....hold on! (calls Nancy) Hello? Nancy? yes...you let him watch the Fashion Show channel? oh...oh! that's genius. Thank you so much....yes, good night.

NED - Nanas?

MARK - She's a genius. What a perfect way to learn about colours, shapes, and perceptions. Hmm.....

(TV HOST: And now we have Perlyn Cooper, wearing a gorgeous green gown....)

MARK - Hmm....I see. Ned, colour red?

(Ned points at a red toy)

MARK - Not bad, you're catching on good. White?

(Ned points to his watch)

MARK - That's great buddy! good, I like it.

(Ned carries on watching the Fashion Show)

[Scene 32]

(In Hospital - Mark's Room, Lisa enters)

MARK - Lisa, w-what're you doing here?

LISA - Just came by, you know. I got kind of bored.

MARK - No patients today?

LISA - Not until 1pm.

MARK - I see (closes his laptop).

LISA - You don't have work?

MARK - Not that it's really important.

LISA - (Smiles) What's up?

MARK - The ceiling.

LISA - (Sarcastic) Can't believe I fell for that one.

MARK - I know, it's a shit joke.

LISA - You have any hobbies?

MARK - Um....trekking seems fine. Apart from that, I guess swimming.

LISA - Oh, you like swimming too. I used to be a swim trainer.

MARK - Really?

LISA - Yes, for the national squad.

MARK - You used to train the national squad?!

LISA - (Smiles) Yes.

MARK - Oh lord, who did I just walk into?

LISA - Stop, Mark. Please, I'm through that now.

MARK - Why is that?

LISA - I wanted a change in life. I'm the type of person who can't keep going the same direction as always. I constantly need to be doing something exciting.

MARK - So....

LISA - You know, in college, I did Sports Science Degree and Degree in Medical. I took the next best thing.

MARK - So, you're life purpose is all about adventure.

LISA - Yes, that's what I'm exactly going with. You understand right?

MARK - I guess.

LISA - Try asking this to my friends. They're always like, "You work too much, Lisa!" and all that. Life's got to be exciting everyday, we can't just be lagging behind while some genius out there is doing something productive.

MARK - Indeed. C-Can I consider that as um....your hobby?

LISA - Sure, go for it.

MARK - You know, I was thinking. We had a great time last night, I had a great time last night. Just two colleagues, drinking coffee, catching up stuff. I-I liked it very much. I was thinking about what you said last night, about doing this regularly....

LISA - And?

MARK - Well um....you know, I-I got tickets to watch Civil War if you-

LISA - I'll go!

MARK - Really?

LISA - Sure! it'll be fun! see you tonight!


MARK - (Confused) How does she know it's tonight?

[Scene 33]

(Mark and Lisa watch Civil War together, eat dinner, then go to the beach together at night)

LISA - That movie too good, too good.

MARK - I know. Great time we had, right?

LISA - I liked dinner too.

MARK - Same.

(Silence for a while as they watch the tides come in)

LISA - You know, it's a great relationship we're having so far - don't you think?

MARK - Yes, it's good. Just two colleagues, friends, hanging out together.

LISA - I want to be more than just a friend, Mark.

MARK - Well...

LISA - (Kisses Mark) Well?

MARK - (In shock) I think it'll work.

LISA - Hahaha...

(Mark and Lisa have a blast together at work and out of work for some 6 months)

[Scene 34]

MARK - Ned...come here.

NED - Dei Dei....

MARK - Lisa and I, we're getting on pretty good. It's been six months, isn't that exciting?

NED - Hehehe.

MARK - Yes, indeed, hehehe.

(they laugh together)

MARK - (Hugs Ned) Ned?

NED - (Hugging him back) Dei?

MARK - You want a sister, a mother, don't you?

NED - Mer...Mer...

MARK - (Smiles and looks at him at face) I think she's on her way right now.

(Door bell rings)

MARK - Must be a sign.

(Opens the door to find Lisa and her father)

LISA - Mark!

MARK - Lisa?

MR. FREDRICK - Hahaha, what did I tell you two love birds ay?

MARK - (Smiles) What's going on?

LISA - (Shows her ring finger) I think it's about time.

MARK - (Looks at Ned) Ned?

NED - Dai! Dai! (over excited by the guests).

MR. FREDRICK - Woah, who's that?

MARK - Sorry, um...he's my brother, Ned.

MR. FREDRICK - Ah. Hi, Ned (holds out his hand).

(Ned sees it and stammers)

MARK - Sorry um....he's uh (gestures for koo-koo).

MR. FREDRICK - Oh, Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know-

MARK - It's okay, Lisa knows.

LISA - Hi Ned.

NED - Oh! (excited over Lisa).

(Ned gets close to her, feels her hair, and is stunned)

NED - Ohohoho!!!

LISA - Sounds like someone is excited about our marriage.

MARK - Looks like. What did I tell you, Ned? happy?

NED - (Hugs Mark) Meekee!

MARK - (Stunned and hugs him back) I-I think he just understood me.

(Lisa smiles)

MARK - Ned...Lisa.

NED - Yeeha.

MARK - No, that's Texas. Li....sa.

NED - L-Lee....soh!

LISA - I can live with that (smiles at Ned).

NED - (Smiles back) Bachukee....bachukee...

MR. FREDRICK - Lisa's a wonderful girl, Mark. I should've told you that day itself about her mother.

MARK - She told me later on.

MR. FREDRICK - I guess that's why I was quite desperate. Ever since her mom left, it's only been me, and quite some of her friends. I was always waiting for that one day, where she could enter her mother's footsteps - know what all her mother did. You both were perfect when in ICU.

MARK - Well, it's a medical miracle.

MR. FREDRICK - Hahaha...you can say that again.

MARK - (Whispers) Not.

LISA - So um....we looked up some dates together. I was thinking maybe....next month?

MARK - Hmm....what do you think, Ned? next month?

NED - Ma mooh....hmm....(smiles).

MARK - Sounds like a yes for us.

[Scene 35]

(Wedding Scene)

PRIEST - Do you, Lisa Fredrick, take Mark Samson, to be your lawfully wedded husband?

LISA - (Looks at Mark) I do.

PRIEST - And do you, Mark Samson, take Lisa Fredrick, to be your lawfully wedded wife?

MARK - (Looks at Lisa) I do.

(Ned is all excited, sitting next to Mr. Fredrick in the seats)

PRIEST - I now pronounce you, man and wife, you may kiss the bride.

(they kiss and everyone applauds)

MR. FREDRICK - Come on, Ned, clap (claps).

NED - Oh....(learns to clap and does it) hahaha...

[Scene 36]

(Dinner table - everyone's talking away)

JAMES - (Gets up) Alright! Alright! everyone! may I have your attention please! James, Hogwarts University.

(everyone laughs)

JAMES - Seriously. I've known Mark for quite a while now. We've been in college together, same medical institutions and stuff. We've had a blast. I'm very happy for both Lisa and Mark, who have opened gates to a new chapter in their life. On behalf of us, we wish you lot's of love and prosperity.

(Ned is playing with his cutlery)

JAMES - Haven't forgotten about you, Ned?

(Ned gets the attention of everyone)

JAMES - Don't worry, Ned. Mark told me everything - you know have a new sister, and a mother.

NED - Hehehe (clapping away)

(everyone claps along)

LISA - Thank you, Mark.

MARK - Thank you, Lisa.

(they cling glasses together)


[Scene 37]

(In Mark's Place)

MARK - (Wakes up) Good morning, honey.

LISA - (Wakes up) Good morning (smiles).

MARK - Slept well?

LISA - Slept really well (yawns).

(Ned walks in)

NED - Da duh! Da Duh!

LISA - Woah....Ned?

NED - (Smiles) Lee...Soh!

LISA - (Smiles) Never gets old, right?

MARK - Same old, Ned. Come here, bro.

(Ned comes close)

MARK - How do you like your new sister?

NED - Di? hahaha (smiles).

LISA - Hahaha.

MARK - I guess he does.

LISA - Let me go make breakfast (gets up and goes).

MARK - Sure.

[Scene 38]

(In the kitchen)

LISA - (Making breakfast) Oh hey, Ned!

NED - Lee...Soh!

LISA - Hahaha, breakfast?

NED - (Nods his head) Dei.

LISA - Sit down. I'll give it to you.

(Ned wonders for a while and finally sits)

LISA - (Gives an omelet) Enjoy.

(Ned stares at his meal and tears drip down)

LISA - Ned, Ned, stop. What happened?

(Ned asks for a hug)

LISA - (Hugs him back) Don't worry, I'm always there for you.

(Ned smiles and tears rush down)

MARK - What happened? I heard something happened.

LISA - Tears.

MARK - Ned...what happened?

NED - L-Lee...Soh (gestures a heart towards him).

MARK - Of course, we're family now. Happy right?

(Ned and Mark hug)

[Scene 39]

JAMES - How are you guys hanging in there?

MARK - Doing good.

JAMES - Ned?

MARK - He's very happy to have Lisa around.

JAMES - I'm happy for you, man. It's a major turning point for you both.

MARK - It surely is. As long as Lisa is around, I don't need to worry about what Doctor Paul said.

JAMES - What did he say?

MARK - If Ned isn't satisfied with life, it'll drive him to suicidal thoughts.

JAMES - (Heavy breath relief) Damn, that's harsh.

MARK - I don't see what can make him any upset now. He has me and Lisa now.

JAMES - Nancy?

MARK - I think she's fine to go. Ned can do without her now.

(On the other side)

NANCY - (On the phone) Okay....Okay, yes I'm fine with your decision, Mark. Happy married life!

[Scene 40]

LISA - Mark! Mark!

MARK - Coming....

LISA - I have a surprise for you...

MARK - What is it?

LISA - (Sticks out tickets) Look! I got us cruise tickets! we're going on our honeymoon!

MARK - Woah! Royal Caribbean! how?

LISA - Earnings.

MARK - Oh....

LISA - What?

MARK - I mean, I-I just dismissed Nancy.

LISA - Who? Ned's sitter?

MARK - Yes, let me call to see if she's available (calls) Hello? is Nancy there? oh...oh, okay. Sorry to disturb then, bye! (drops the call) Yes, apparently she's out of town for two weeks.

LISA - Why? where is she off to?

MARK - Minnesota.

LISA - What now?

MARK - By any chance could we book another ticket?

LISA - For Ned? a-are you sure? because um...these tickets are really expensive.

MARK - Come on, Lisa. You know about Ned, he's never been to anything like this. I want him to have the same experience as us.

LISA - Well....alright then.

MARK - Great dear. Trip is um (checks the ticket) this Saturday right? I'll get packing immediately.

LISA - Sure.

[Scene 41]

(Ned is watching Fashion channel with Mark)

NED - Doi! Doi! Doi!

MARK - Yes, yes. That's Manish Malhotra - I think he's Indian.

NED - Hmm....

(phone rings)

MARK - Hello?

DOCTOR - Mark, it's me.

MARK - Oh! doctor, hi, what's up?

DOCTOR - Just checking with you and Ned. How's he doing there?

MARK - Doing fine. He recently developed interest in fashion - it's really helping him with learning about shapes, colours, and all.

DOCTOR - That's good. Be sure you maintain this same pace. By the end of the year, I expect him to have exposure to possibly national geographic - so he gets a sense of the world around him.

MARK - Yes, will do.

DOCTOR - He's liking, Lisa?

MARK - Yes, he warmed up to her very well.

DOCTOR - Good, good. I feel at this rate he won't be any closer to melancholy.

MARK - That's for sure.

DOCTOR - Well then, that's good to hear. Enjoy, and happy married life!

MARK - Thank you, doctor.

[Scene 42]

(Everyone gets on board the cruise)

LISA - Come on, Mark!

MARK - Coming! come in, Ned.

(Ned is amazed by the sea around him)

NED - Wohoho!!

MARK - Beautiful right?

(they get into their cabin)

LISA - Well, we finally made it!

NED - Chakee! Chakee!

MARK - Hehehe....you like it?

NED - (Smiles) Doi! Doi! Doi!

LISA - Hehehe....this, this is going to be a great honeymoon.

MARK - It shall be....

(The family went to have fun on the cruise activities, dining etc)

[Scene 43]

(Night time in the cabin)

MARK - Okay, Ned, get in bed.

NED - (Yawns) Bo Bo.

MARK - We had great fun today, take rest.

(Ned goes asleep)

MARK - (Smiles) Good Night.

LISA - Well....asleep?

MARK - Looks like.

LISA - Well then....(gripping on to Mark's shirt) what do you say, soldier?

MARK - You want to do this right now? I mean-

LISA - Ned is still in this room, fast asleep. (Whispers) Nothing to worry about...

(They both kiss and get on the bed)

NED - (Wakes up) Daboo! Daboo!

(Lisa and Mark direct attention to Ned)

MARK - Ned? Ned, what happened?

NED - B-Boo! (gestures for motion).

MARK - No, that's nothing to worry about. It...It's the cruise ship. We're on water...water. If anything happens, I will tell you, okay?

NED - D-Deh....(falls asleep).

LISA - (Worried) What?

MARK - It's okay, we'll just sleep tonight. Do this stuff another time.

[Scene 44]

(Breakfast buffet at cruise ship)

MARK - Morning, Lisa.

LISA - (Dull) Morning.

MARK - What happened?

LISA - It's nothing, really.

MARK - Is this about last night?

LISA - Well...

NED - Lee...Soh!

LISA - Ned.

NED - (Smiles) Dee..Dee.

MARK - Don't worry, Lisa. We'll find some other time, alright? just be calm.

LISA - If you insist.

MARK - Let's go get us some breakfast.

(they go together to get breakfast. Mark helps Ned get breakfast - Lisa is watching both of them)

MARK - Well then (they all settle at their table) good food they have here.

LISA - Yes, truly good.

NED - (Gets excited over food) Foo...Foo!!!

(nearby passengers take notice)

MARK - Ned, you'll have to quiet down, buddy.

NED - (Stunned) Heh?

MARK - When we outside....voice becomes like (softer tone) this, this, this.

NED - Hmm....(softer tone) Dei? Dei?

MARK - You got it.

LISA - (Carries on eating her scrambled eggs) Well then....Mark. Anything else left to teach?

MARK - I think we're done.

(Captain announcement)

CAPTAIN - A very good morning passengers....this is your captain speaking here. Good news is that Bahamas are just close by. Another 2 to 3 hours or so,

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