Do you scare yourself?
for when people take you to be Mr Jackeyll,
You are actually Mr Hyde..
Does it give you a sense of elation?
when people fall for you,
once and twice and again and again,
not knowing you are a wolf in sheep's disguise..
Does your own soul ever repulse you?
when you have people love your thoroughly and irrevocably,
taken in by your apparent Chasity,
and you gladly cash in on the decoy..
Tell me, do you really like..
the symphony of my agony,
my red hot burning passion,
or my fear and my angst,
against my white, rippling serenity..?
You. You are the deadliest of the hunters,
you kill what can't be mended,
and I am your pray,
waiting to be happily slayed..

Tags: Fantasy

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