My childhood days were really too good i spent most of my childhood in my maternal parents house because my father's home is in village which is 140 kms away from my maternal parents home,my father sended me here because near my village there are no good education facility were present.So most of my childhood were spend here.In childhood everything was good because there are no responsibilities on our head,no worries,no pressure of study and lots of entertainment.

In my childhood i spend most of my time with my maternal father and mother they always give me choclates and lots of love,in holidays my mother take me to my village and i enjoy a lot in my village because there i have lots of friends ,i roam here and there with my friend and spend my time with my animals such as buffalo cow etc,time goes too fast and with passing time i have grown older 14-15 years of age that time i started travelling alone in bus because i love my village and when i get holidays from my school i pack my bags and go to my village as soon as possible after reaching there i throw my bag on the bed and run towards the ground where my friends play and started playing cricket with them.Everyone in village who see me asks me when i arrived to my village and lots of other village peoples are not selfish like in city village peoples carry good and caring nature inside them and in village there is no pollution in air no vehicles sounds and lots of birds.

When i go to my village i sleep on teris my house has open teris so that in night when i sleep there i see clear sky with lots of stars a beautiful moon and cool air that flows touching my face gives a beautiful feeling and my morning start with watching sunrise and hearing birds chirping that was a awesome feeling which is not possible in city another reson i love my village is that my whole family lives there i get lots of love and care from them,there i feel free and complete.I feel really sad when returning from my village to the city.

I also have great memories in city i have completed my 1st to 12th class from Kendriya Vidyalaya 1STC,Jabalpur it was really a good experience studying there i made lots of friends there but mostly students studying in my school belong to a army family so they have to leave the school when their father gets a posting in other place,but few of my friends studied with me till 10 th class after that we split in different sections based on our streams,i have taken arts in 11 th class and there is no one familier friend there but with the time passing i get friends who made my last 2 years of my school rememberable.We do lots of fun in the class they are like brothers from different mothers to me and i have the same place in their heart when the lunch time bells rings we all share our food with each other and do lots of fun.When teacher got late in coming to the class we all run towars the playing ground to play games then teacher comes and scold all of us in a funny way and take us all to the class.We plan to take mass leave from the class on selected days and go to tourist places in our city,and when we go school to the other day we get scolded by our teachers but not in a angry way.Parents teacher meeting was the day of teachers because that day we have to take our parents to meet our teacher some of my friends don't take their parents with them and make a excuse but my mother always attended parents teachher meeting and 30-40 min was taken by my teacher in describing my complaints after that when returning my mother keep scolding me all the way untill we reach home.Childhood of everyone carry with them Good memories,and i have a wish to spend my childhood again.We should enjoy our childhood because it's a part of life which will never come back and it is the only moment in which u can enjoy,because in adulthood years u will have a lot of burden and lots of duties and responsibilities.Childhood is a life period when u can do anything no one will interrupt,u can do all naughty things,eat anything,no burden of studies nothing just play and lots of joy.Parents,grandparents,relative and all give u lots of love but when u are a teenager and in adulthood u will have to go through several duties and scoldings as well.So,enjoy it fully,these are the moments which are the best moments of your life and u will never get them if these are once gone.I enjoyed my childhood very much and u should also do.

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