I have cat that lives beside my place
It wears half a koala’s and half a tiger’s dress.
My memory, which is saying:
The cat has much grown-up here,
Although, just for six months it has been staying.
It seems that its tail grows every day;
As it behaves as a cat at night,
And like a monkey by the day.
It slips into the house, whenever it gets a chance;
My mother then runs after it,
And it vanishes within a glance.
Its routine of meals is like us,
At least three times a day;
Unfortunately, after the meal it don’t brush.
Sometimes it also gets bath,
Just two mugs, patiently;
One more drop, and it shows its wrath.
Its place is infront of the door, when the night falls, And inside the house,
When the thundering clouds crawl.
It is still a kid, fragile and delicate,
I count it very lucky;
For it got us; thanks to his fate.
I hope it will always wear its unique dress,
Have fun, jump and leap;
And hope that it will always stay beside my place………………..

Tags: Friendship

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