Hi guys , I m none other than yourS and only yours( atleast when I am not able to pay my bills in the hotel ) SATTU SANTARA … but today I am not a characterful man at present (according to my mom and family ) ..m not even in a mood to do something other than this ….

I m not in a mood for poetry nor in a mood to comment …
I neither wish to be an enemy nor do I aspire to be a friend !
neither do I agree to the clauses nor do I show my dissent ..
m in a superfantabulous mood to fly and fly above any ascent …
simply as the world sees me I don’t wish to be so simple ..

its obvious that I don’t agree with almost every other second thought that people keep about me .. the more they try to make me like them , the more astray I grow .. I am like that . !! fortunately or unfortunately -------- “WHO CARES ? ?” …. The simple meaning of all this simplicity I searched aforewhile ended in a careless and dishonouring way .. (dishonouring to myself )… DUDE !! I AM INTOXICATED .. I had enough amount of beer to make me very much stable ..
P.S.- let me tell u that I have not had beer in such enormous amounts earlier .. but today it just happened out of no expectations (perhaps “NO EXPECTATIONS” out of my self )…..

This BEER is gooooood !! it makes me feel very stable ,all opppposed to wordly sayings … BEER is a friend .. welcome babe !
So now a few conversations I would like to have with My dear beer ;
Me : – where were you till now …. I suddeny realized just now that I missed YOU since a long time !!!
Beer – felt shy and did not reply !!
Me: – you taste so much bad earlier but u seem beautiful now .. my apologies to SRK . I disagree with him .. in om shanty ohm ::he felt like “the kings of the world ” .. but I feel the most carefree vagabond !!
BEER: ---- still doesn’t reply ------ !!


some chains invisible held me tight
something abstained me from my life ..
some verbs undone lied deep down there ..
and I abruptly awakened them with this SPECIAL beer ..
it feels nice and whistling like a waving tree..
superbly ignorant and awesomely free..
all my virtual ambitions , face me again ..
amidst this joy I feel the pain ..
though true to life … I lied to it ..
missed all my chances even though I knew ..
still I feel sad an mournful for what I did..
that’s all actually what I can do …
I lost the guts long long back ..
Collecting them again was a mere application of thought ..
Which fulfilled the prerequisite to pick me out ..like---
Amidst the blooming flowers .m mistakenly brought ..
I mark it as the beginning coz I am a bit unknown ..
Still not understanding the games diced upon me ..
May be it’s a deserving credit of a fool ..
May be next breed of lions is yet to be !!
 Beer soothes and surprises .. thanx BITCH !! you are a darling !! YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH !!!

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