Stylish like Raymond's man
available like Khaitan fan
brainy like Einstein
yet agrees to be mine
Laughs like Sidhu
at the silliest will do
Runs full speed at my command
for my tiniest errand
Present in my sukh dukh
like romantic Shahrukh
on poetic
of writing too-a fanatic Manmohan
even if dreams come unwoven
Dances like Hrithik
not a single critic
Sings like Shaan
at the break of dawn
Supple like Ramdev
from eye wink do save!
Muscular like Salman
faithful as a doberman
Like Dravid dependable
as Dhoni indispensable
But all above I'll treat as mirage
if I could only get Prithviraj!

P.S-(Simply already married to a prithvi!... But slightly older version :) )

Tags: Dream, Fantasy, Poetry

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