Have you ever thought what if you weren't the one you are? What if you had a different life? What if you would have born in a different country, religion and had a different surrounding? Then, would you had a similar personality or not? Well, I have been thinking about it since few days, and let me tell you this not good.

While I am thinking, and re-thinking about all the possibilities of me completely different than the present situation and life, it made realise that surroundings play a very important part in shaping a human. For instance, what if I would have come-out to my parents long back, and they would have disowned me. Then, I would have been on my own. All my expenses, all my entertainment costs, my dress, my food and everything would have come on me, directly with no support system. What if, I would have born in UK or America. May be I would have been earning good, or may be pursuing what I want to.

There are endless possibilities but the point is we never think beyond what we see around us. I've been thinking since a while that I am running out of money. It's not that I don't funds to support my living, but it's not sufficient to help me in a life that I dream of. I am quite 'okay' with the kind of return I have been getting till now. I am okay if I am getting paid less, I am okay if I have to sacrifice my dream for something. This 'okay' is a very big problem in my life, and I think in your life too.

We are taught to live with 'okay'. I remember, my mother taught me to neglect things as we are in a society. There is something called 'adjustments' which we need to do in order to maintain a good relation with our surrounding world, and especially with those who always try to pull you down. This 'adjustment' has turned my life into a big mess. Now, I have to adjust with everything.

If roads are not okay, adjust. If there is a bad service, adjust. If your job is not satisfying you, adjust. Adjust. In every second thing, just adjust. Why do I need to adjust when I am paying for that? Why do I need to adjust when I am putting my effort and time into it? Why? Actually, we never ask such question, not to anyone.

I am done with adjustments. I am completely done with that. I am sure what I need in life and I am not going to think what people around me will think. It is very easy to say but remember, once you start anything on your own, and I actually mean on your own like doing things without taking anyone's help, you move a step towards success. Success doesn't mean money or fame. It means peace, from within. Satisfaction of doing something on your own. Success is a very broad term, and very subjective too. I have decided to take a step ahead, have you?

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