my favorite WB author is a lady who keeps changing her name.. any guess???

more clues...she is full of fun, humor and has an enchanting personality.. her writing style is articulate, clean, emphatic and very eloquent, now ???

well these adjectives are for any good writer and not just the reasons for being my favorite, what makes her different is the way she connects to everyone here, she is not only an author but a complete writer by being an inspiration for others.

her every post reflects a sense of honest and true feelings, care for the people and the way she mixes humor with WB, is awesome.

she is the topper babu yet very compassionate with poor babus here and also protects them by threatening the 'hmmm gang' and keeps serving refreshments for tired babus altogether with tips to write better...although anonymous babus irritate her like hell but still she is very kind to me :D

one can find a wide range of diversity in her posts from the little guy to the aged and grey people, from the battlefield of life to recipe for life. she has love for nature and animals too..chameleon and 'fluffy'.

she motivates and inspires others by taking every poll and almost commenting on every post, she is a girl who writes from heart..she is our favorite mallu, now she has changed her name to a difficult one.

this post is not just to win the competition but it is a way to show my respect to are really awesome :) :)

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