It has to be..has to be ...

He wrote and wrote spending sleepless nights..unrelenting even for one dull day..
Some in Hindi, some super English.
Few went anon..lot of hidden humor. A studious, intelligent guy, it showed in his superb write ups.

He quickly climbed the rankings ladder, reaching the crest of the wb wave. Stayed there for months altogether.
None could actually even look at him, leave alone reach him. Smug..he sat satisfied.
For some months.

Till one day she overtook him. He then woke up with a start. Wrote feverishly. Albeit intermittently.
But his hands now heavy. Weightier matters weighing on his shoulders. Ranking not on his mind...but far behind.

He lost interest. Lost the plot. And the game.

She begged. Come back. No no. I shan't, he replied.
Go ahead, he implored.
She had to. A bit hesitatingly.
A consistent writer.But nowhere compared to his inspired ones. His awesome poetry. Super deep thots.

Hats off to him. An awesome writer.
Humble man.
He took an early voluntary retirement.
But still my favorite author.

P.S..not writing for any competition.
Just my tribute.

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