I love many books especially a book called 'heidi' by johanna spry. That is a story of a girl called heidi whose parents were dead. She had her grandfather in the hills. She was left there by her aunty. She was very happy living there. There lived a boy called peter who had many cows and sheep. He took them to graze in the fields. Heidi met Peter and eventually became friends. One day her aunt took her to a away from the hills and her grandfather to a house where a girl lived. The name of the girl was clara. Clara couldn't walk and always sits in a wheelchair. Clara was very lonely and needed heidi for her company. There heidi started feeling homesick. she missed the hills and was becoming weak. Clara's uncle dropped heidi and Clara in the hills. One day peter accidently threw clara's wheelchair and it broke. Clara started walking and then became very confident in doing so. Clara's uncle came to pick her up. clara promised to come back in the winters. Heidi lived happily in the hills from the on.
it is no wonder a best seller and all time classic book.

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