Fidato means 'trusted'.This is my TRUST story, about the one who has built me piece by piece, teaching me to trust in every step of my life.

He is just another good natured boy. His too big nose fits perfectly on his too big face. His smile his rare but comes from deep within. He gets angry too easily, but even his anger is innocent in a childish way.

He came to my life when I was dumped by my ex. I didn't trust anyone then. He told me to take a leap of faith and I obeyed. Till date I don't know why but I immediately started believing in him. May be it was his talks or his manners or his eyes. We started dating.

We are in a long distance relationship. One day I was upset and crying that I was lonely. He didn't rush to me like a typical boyfriend. He talked to me on phone. Just a few soothing words and I was calmed. That day I learnt to trust that no matter what I will never be alone.

Just because he respects me even if don't respect myself, I trust that I am worthy of his love.

He never was chocolate hearts and flowers kind of guy.. For me, he changed. He sent me a lot of gifts. What touched me more was how he saved his pocket money.. He didn't spend even a single penny on himself. He never ate outside, avoided all outings with his friends and even saved on mess. That made me trust that boys can be selfless too.

I lived in my fantasy world. I found my prince charming and I spent my days day-dreaming, weaving beautiful dreams of our future. Any other guy would have been happy, but he was not. He wanted me to live in the real world. I fought with him because I doubted his intentions. Today, when I have built my own world (he is still the OXYGEN!!) I know he meant well. He is not my dream guy but he is the real one. That day I learnt to trust that he always wants me to be happy.

Though I am not beautiful, the way he appreciatively looks at me says it all. That day I trusted that he will treat me like a princess like my dad.

I was afraid of losing him. I agreed to everything he said. Eventually what happened was that my temper blasted at wrong times. Mood swings became a sort of second nature for me. And then came my saviour- Abhishek. He made me believe in our love. That day I learnt to trust that love conquers all.

I lied a lot to him. I flattered him. I tried all tricks and tips to impress him. That led me to be a over possesive and jealous girlfriend. He patiently tolerated all my atrocities till I began to trust that love doesn't need validation.

When I was sick, he stayed by my side. He slept without fan at 40 degree celsius but never moved from my side or complained. That day I learnt to trust that our love is beyond this world.

I never wanted a career. I wanted to depend on him for my life. But he taught me the importance a job. He showed me how a girl and boy are equal and hence should share the responsibility equally. That day I truly trusted that girls are equal to boys, not only in rights but also in responsibilities.

No, he is not perfect. But I now trust that my not so perfect man will keep me happier than a perfect person.

I never believed that there are angels on Earth. But my he made me trust that there are angels who are sent especially to be our guiding light....

Abhishek, it was not easy trusting you at every step, but it was totally worth it. So today I trust you with my soul. YES, I will marry you..

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