It was the 21st of May that I met him.I saw him standing surrounded by a group of his friends.I was just a normal girl passing by him when he turned towards me and smiled at me.At that moment I changed everything that I had thought about him.I had butterflies in my stomach which kept fluttering and hoping that we would meet again that day.But we didn't..............
The next day we (Brandon and I)were assigned to be biology lab partners.As we went to our seats our shoulders brushed against each other and so did our hands.Though we did not talk much that was the best day I had had in months.
Soon we began to talk a lot more and I realized that Brandon had a wicked sense of humour and could keep me laughing for hours.I asked him to stop to which he replied that he loved to see me smile which made things really awkward between us
after which we did not speak anymore.
I was excited at the possibility of him loving me secretly which I immediately I moved out of my mind seeing as the chances were low.Who would like a dork like me?!
Next day he did not come.I was scared that he was embarrassed at what happened and not to make things more awkward.Days passed which eventually turned into a month.I sparked up as much as courage I could and asked his best friend about Brandon's disappearance.He replied that Brandon had shifted to Australia for he had received a scholarship there.I asked for his phone number which he willingly gave.After that incident I liked him quite a lot.

Anyway I went back home and called Brandon but reached his answering machine instead.I so wish that that day he could have told me that he was transferring to another school so that I could confess him of my crush but I never did.His phone remained dead forever.Until one day on 14th march he picked up the phone "hello" Oh! I knew that voice so well,instantly a image of his appeared in front of me and I put down the phone. Oh shit! The only chance I had to speak to him,to confess to him about myself was gone,gone by just a fluttering in my heart.I dialled his number but as usual,the phone was dead.I did not think that he would ever know of my love for him.
Suddenly someone called back.Without looking at the identity I picked up the phone.IT WAS BRANDON! I was so happy.He actually called me back!
"Hello?!"he asked uncertainly "is Soumi there?"I almost screamed at him "Brandon y did u leave me without informing me?"The phone cut dead.
That was my first love story I ever had which ended before it started..............

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