My first experience with attempted sexual abuse -

I was three and half year old, there was this guy named Titu about 20 year or so. He was son of owner of the house we were renting at that time.
He had these die-cast car toys, of which I loved one tractor specially. When you are at that age you see everything in so many vivid details and everything is so amazingly beautiful ,from flower petals to an ordinary die-cast metal toy.

So, I used to go to his room to play with those toys, one day he asked me to turn back and lie down while I played , and he took off the lower clothes.

He played around with his member around my hips and thighs, it felt very ticklish, my response at that age was to gift him with what he suitably deserved - human excreta ,due to unusual body weight over me and the tickling . I still remember him trying to find things to wrap the precious gift.

He asked me not to tell anyone, I told my mother anyways about his dark colored member.
This experience neither left a physical wound nor an emotional one but created a memory of something unusual, Later I learnt what he was doing is called thighing .

Lesson for parents - keep watch on your young ones, not everyone may be able to give a suitable gift to the perpetrators and not everyone maybe able to report to you about the things being done to them out of fear, shame or maybe sheer helplessness.

Your children are your responsibility, they are vulnerable so you have to be more proactive and defend them, train them to trust in you and report any and every incident to you.

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