I'd started writing a story a long time ago.. about the past, which had almost destroyed the real me.. it took some time to regain what I was to where have I ended up. Many a times I stayed in the past, with a cigarette in between my fingers, thinking... thinking what exactly went wrong. The only thing in my mind about the past was the breakup.. It ended up in a quite mysterious way, it almost kept me thinking for two years. I tried to get my self back to the way I used to be, but it wasn't so easy, then I thought of behaving like the people I thought "I wish I was like him/her". Carrying the attitude that others carry is hard thing to do.. as you don't know what the outcome of that would be. Now that I have set my mind that no matter what I ain't gonna wait for anyone, no matter what I ain't gonna expect anything from anyone because this is my journey towards the goals set by me, with a customized attitude here I go. I know I'm on a never ending journey, and I'm not gonna stop!

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