I am seriously blessed with few awesome friends in my life :) They mean a lot to me.This piece of work for my loved ones :)


From playing with those kitchen sets,
To the adventures,rides and the Minnie,
All through the times of threat,
I found her beside!!! ms gouri:)

This is the same story everyday,
Mandy,nammi and sniggy,
I know they ll stand by come what may :)

The late night messages,
Know him since four years,
But feels like I know him since ages,
Akash when u r thr I have neither fears nor the tears :)

Met them when I was eighteen,
My life has been a paradise so pristine,
Ankur,vee,bow,hitu and gayu,
I just wanna say I love u :*

His care touched my heart,
His anger melts me down,
Abhi!!! Yup singing is whose art,
I will miss you when you are gone..!!

Tags: Friendship, Care, Love

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