You are not the way you define yourself.
I see this absolutely stunning woman. A soul
filled with kindness and beauty. You smell like
home and drive me crazy. I love your curves
and the way you make me feel calm.
I want to apologize for hurting you. I want to
apologize for not expressing my feelings the
way I should have when I should have. I want
to apologize for not being a better man. The
kind of man you deserve. I am sorry for every
tear you've cried because of me. I am ashamed
of the level of immaturity and mind games I
once played. I didn't mean to hurt you. But I
did, huh? Pretty bad. And I want you to
know, I am so deeply sorry.
You are stronger than you think. And you will
heal. And your heart will love again. And i hope
next time you open up that beautiful
will love someone who is better than me.
I just couldn't give you what you needed. I
couldn't be the man you expected. I couldn't be
Prince Charming. But just know that you are an
always will be the once that got away. And I
will always wish I could've been that for you.
I hope these are the words you have been
searching for. Because you deserve them. Each
an every one.
I love you!

::::: PK ♥MâĎĎÝ :::::

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