It was my first date with Sneha and we were in a café which was filled with couples. I always wanted to come to this café with a beautiful girl whom I could adore for hour. She had big beautiful eyes, very long hairs and a sparkling smile. We hadn’t started talking when waiter came and gave us menu.

“So what would you like to order?” Sneha asked me with a sweet smile on her face
“Order me any mocktail” I replied and then Sneha ordered some Soufflés. We talked for like 10 minutes and then the waiter came and served me a drink but it was not what I’d ordered.
“This is not what I’d ordered” I yelled at waiter.
“I know sir, this is from that ma’am sitting at that corner.” Waiter pointed out at a girl sitting alone in this couple café. We both instantly looked at that girl and then looked at each other in surprise.

“Do you know her?” Sneha hesitantly asked me.
“No, I’m seeing her first time in my life” I replied
“She is staring at you” Sneha chuckled. I avoided looking at her.
“Or she is a lesbian….the drink is for you” I told Sneha.
“what??” She said. I thought that I offended her but Sneha laughed.
“She is rich, look at her heavy make-up and food on her table” I said
“Is she going to eat all that alone?” Sneha laughed again.
“Now stop looking at her. I want to enjoy my evening with the beautiful girl I’m sitting with” I told Sneha and then I looked into her eyes. She blushed.
After a few seconds, the waiter came and served us what we’d ordered. We started eating.
“But she is still staring at you” Sneha irritatingly told me.
“Are you jealous?” I chuckled
“Why won’t I!” Sheha replied and then she touched my promise finger.

After eating when we were about to leave, Sneha asked me to talk to her but then I told her that I didn’t want to spend this precious time with anyone else. Sneha looked at that girl again and hugged me out of jealousy and then Sneha gave her a harsh look.
After dropping Sneha at her hostel, I came back to that café again.
“Why were you staring us so badly?” I shouted on that girl.
“Because I’m in love with you” She replied in soft voice
“I love you too baby” I high-fived her.
“But you are pathetic actor” She mocked
“So are you.” I grinned.
“I told you, this plan would work” She laughed
“Yeah you know everything and thank you so much Neha” I thanked her
“We don’t thank our best friends stupid!” she screamed at me.

I went for a few more dates with Sneha after very successful first date with her. She asked almost everything about me. She was very much interest in knowing about my family, my hobbies, what I do in spare time and most importantly about my friends. So I had to tell her about my best friend Neha.

“So how does she look?” Sneha asked me when I told her about Neha. I knew that was the checkmate question. So instead replying to her question I changed the subject by asking about the dishes she would like to eat. But it didn’t help. She wanted to know everything about her now. I told her as much I could. But the main problem arose when she told me that she wanted to meet Neha. I could not say no to her. So I told her that you could meet her on Sunday.

That night I talked to Neha for hours. I had only one worry that what if Sneha found out, Neha was the same person who made her jealous on very first date in that restaurant. She could go mad. She was already acting strangely today in café.
“Don’t worry about it, leave it on me. I’ll manage.” Neha replied. On Sunday night, Me and Sneha were waiting for Neha to come. Sneha was getting very eager. She’d been telling me to call her in every 5 minute then I finally called Neha but she didn’t pick up her phone.

After almost 20 minutes when we’d already ordered dinner, a girl came on our table and said hi to Sneha. I looked at her for a few seconds then I recognized that she was Neha. She’d completely disguised herself. She was looking like a cute school child in her beautiful top and chino. I was confident that now Sneha couldn’t recognize her and the dinner went pretty well. They both talked nicely to each other. After dinner, Neha went to her home.
“I can’t go out with you anymore!” Sneha shouted on me when Neha left to her home.
“Why? What happened?” I enquired.
“You lied to me about Neha” Sneha answered.
“What are you talking about?” I asked her again.
“Neha was the same girl who was stalking us in restaurant. Wasn’t she?” Neha angrily replied.
I didn’t know what to reply. I just nodded. She told me that she didn’t expect this from me. I tried to convince her but she wasn’t listening.
She turned back but she didn’t seem happy. She came close to me and told me to call Neha. I called Neha. She immediately picked up her phone. “Where are you?” I asked Neha
“Just turn back my boy!” she replied. I turned back and saw Neha laughing. Then I looked at Sneha, She was smiling too. I couldn’t understand what was happening. Then Sneha came close to me and whispered in my right ear “Ohhh…I love you.”. I was dumbfounded not comprehending anything.

Later Neha told me that Sneha was her classmate in 10th standard. Neha was already friends with Sneha when I’d become friend of Neha. She’d told her everything about me. She knew about the plan of first date as well as of that night. I thought, Neha and I were only acting on first date but the best actress was the Sneha.

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