My gut feeling said " leave him" but I ignored, it again made me aware of him I still ignored.. Why.?
Because I had a stupid reason for that,I took a little favour from him that's why..
He helped me one's just one's and made me feel that he was the only one who stood beside me in my bad times.. He is right, he was the only one.. We had been in a relationship for 5 years, and everything over just in a minute. That moment what I was feeling was worser than anything happned to me.. He was expected to stand beside me as always... Was that love.?
I am going through heart break I am unable to help myself from crying everything when I miss him,everyday he crosses my mind..
He made me feel so lonely, he made me feel miserable..
Just a month ago he said me that I was the only one for him, and I replied I do believe in actions more than words but your actions doesn't speak anything about your love except your lust...
And he replied " baby, not everyone can show it"..
My gut feeling kept on saying me about about him that he was'nt good for me at all but......
He left me with nothing... But with regrets.. 


In draft since 2015  😂


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