Thoughts are spontaneous, mostly over a situation, remembering or in the action. My thoughts of you are straight forward, your eyes, nose, lips, scent and physique, funny my compliments give a different reaction.

In my last thoughts I wonder where you will find me, in a place I have been loving to go, or a place I've been dying from. I would be with you most likely, the place you've yet to show me, it's where I'm most happiest, my love kingdom.

My anger is on a down low, my control of things is on a high 'wow!' I feel it's good to be fit and healthy. I have nothing else to do, I stick my head in books, I stand my role in the team, I dream to finish university, I want to end up wealthy.

Your thoughts are my Hunter's prey, I want to find you! But your thoughts are never on the surface, I've been trying to dig deeper. You amaze me really, but 'different me' explains it better.

But in my drift I tell myself "Give a mad man an art kit and he could paint the future, give a poet a pen and in his text his heart would pour. This is the medicine, but your love would cure me, and even though it might not last I would still take your vaccine."

Time is of the essence, but in this essence our time is at limit. My love for you is pure, but your trust in me figits, I can confess to you dusk till dawn, but my words begin to mimic.

As a patient of my love I would reach to help you, but with folded arms I retreat to get hurt by you. I have no clothing nor camouflage and what business have I with sheep in wolf clothing?

I would strive till your mine,
but alert me if your not involved.
I would fight for your love.
I would not die for you.
Just know you are worth it.
These are my last thoughts of you.

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