I am a doctor. I always put on the facade of a jolly expression. With a smile pasted on my face all the time. Everyone actually loved me. Or so it seemed to be, at least. To never give up on this pretense. Something was going on and off at the back of my mind. But I am not able to tell anyone. Convey those things. You know something like you always want people to think that you are just too good, to get the acceptance of high degree level among your peers. Who wants a grumpy sad guy as a friend. No one! That's what my problem is. If girls are sad, it's perfectly fine; they get lots of people around to sympathize. But me, being a guy; no I had so many limitations. Restrictions. Bindings.
I got a good enough placement in these dark times of economy, when others were still struggling. Oh, by the way I am just completing MBA from one of India's best institute. Actually, I was one of the few firsts among our batch of hundreds. But it was getting too much for me to handle. Too much loan. Too much pressure. Too much of make-believe world.
I know this is one of the worst things, a step that anyone can take. But I cannot help it. I am sorry Mom. I am sorry Dad. I am sorry my little sister. But I have just to go away. Into the bleak darkness. Or light, who knows. Where probably I will finally find peace. Please do not blame yourself.
So, this is how it will end. In this office. Unattached to everything personal.

Tags: Sad, Horror

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