My birth was unfortunat on this earth on 21 Jan 1992.I was born in a small village called vekatapuram. I was the first child to my mother.I was bought up in a village backdrop . My parents were leaving in bangalore. it was a middle class family with happy life. My father was working in a hardware factory as a welder . My mother was the only girl child to my grand parents. They had bought up her in a very traditional way. She was very innocent . My grand parents were loving my mother too much ,when ever they come to visit my mother they use to bring all the house hold things from the native and few toys and eatables to me .my grand father use to love me too much.

My grand father was a drama actor ,he used to act in village dramas . They were going to towns and cities to perform dramas by camping there for few weaks . My grandpa had got married twice and for some reasons one wife had commit suicide and other wife had left him. When he was performing drama in Bangalore he was in a village. Some of his friend had suggested that there is a girl in this village wo is waiting to get marry. My grandpa with his parents had went to see the girl. After the marege looks. the they got married in a village grandma was uneducated she had grew up by nurturing his brothers and sisters.

Every thing was going fine ,my granny had got set to my grandpa's family . As the time passed away there were small fights between them. This fights started to grow big by doubting about each others characters. There were even series fights in which my granny was thrown out of the house. At that times,My granny was coming to her mother house in Bangalore.may compromising settlements were done in order to unite them.even though it was useful for that moment ,later it was as usual. They started hating each other some that they were least bothered about their children. They took my mothers marriege as their personal pristage . When search was going for a groom . They found a guy near by to my village , he was from a joint family. My grandpa had disliked that guy but my granny liked his family and got the marriege set. My grandpa had strongly opposed the selection. There were fights every day about the selection. My granny had told to my mother that if she disagrees her decision that she will hang herself in front of the marriege hall . By fearing of this my mother agreed to marry him.forcefully my grandpa was convinced about the marriege . Finally the engagement was made in marriage hall. my grandpa did not cooperate properly in marriege activities .not much importance was given to the grooms familymate they were not treated properly.later on my grand pa realised his stupidity. New house,job and with some gold and cash was given as past of mom and dad were sent to Bangalore.after few months my grandpa also started liking my father. But on other side my father was waiting for the opportunity to take the revenge against my grandpa, he made up his mind to make my grandpa to suffer in future.

Every thing was going dad had started going to a job in a hardware welding factory nearby. Slowly they started settling in life, even my grand parents were very supportive to my parents. My mother was very innocent and traditional lady. My father was a hard worker . My mother used to get up early morning and prepare food to my father. He used to take bicycle to job with a carrierbox. My mother all day used to sit alone and weaving sweeters and gardening plants at home. When she got bored she used to go to my grandmas sisters house to watch tv. Mine was the only house constructed in that are, it was the lonely house. My mother was not even talking to the villagers due to her shy nature. Monthly once my grand parents used to come to see my mother. When ever they come they were not empty handed they used to bring groundnuts,rice,vegetables. A good relationship was created between my dad and my grand parents. My father had come from a joint family,there were 3 brothers among then my father was the middle father used to earn around 2.5

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