Human lyf is the best gift if God,
but what if it becomes a curse for someone ??
Yes, that's true !! I hate my lyf.
It's not that I'm a pessimist,
but the ups and downs of my lyf have made me feel this.

My dad never loved me,
coz I was never up to Hus expectations.
He never relied his trust on me ,
and scolded me even for a minor mistake I committed.
I always tried my best to impress him,
but all in vain.

And then a guy came into my lyf,
whom I thought would be trustworthy.
but I wasn't aware of the façt ,
that he was just using me for his selfish tacts.
and when I got to know this,
I was completely shattered.

Now I just look up the sky,
and wish if I could die .

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