She was the most beautiful like princess,
She had friends more than I believed,
She brought smile in my face,
She brought friends in my life,
She wore white when I felt she is my dream girl,
She played guitar and then I felt she is ambidextrous,
She watched me playing, yet never applauded ,
She loved me but never told me,
She watched me playing,
She said me "hi" and took my soul,
She doesn't believe I love her,
She came for me wearing black but I didn't know,
She left me saying goodbye,
I never knew she loved me,
I went on to believe that she will come one day,
I forgot about her,
I kept messaging so that one day she will respond,
She took test but never told me,
She left me in oblivion,
She is my love,
She is my dream,
In this universe we will meet again,
Too much Too soon

Tags: Love, My love, ROMANCE

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