How the mood fluctuates
like light going on-off,
like a stormy wind; blowing windows,
like a marsh mellow to swallow but stucked,
like nailing a nail in a wall and wall shattered,

Sometimes it goes very speedy,
Sometimes so slowly,
Sometimes the reason is unknown &
Sometimes I pretend even I don't know,
What is it??
A part of my nature,
Why my mood swings and terribly affects all round me,
Sometimes I feel am I mental or sick, OR
A hallucination I go under,
A strange feeling yet to discover ,

Feels terribly awkward when I m not me,
how to cope up with the mood disorder in me,
or it happens to all but never shown,
'or I m the only victim under all bourgeois,

Life seems so confuse as a crossword to solve not since today,
from the day I try to know who I was?
from that time till now I am just floating melancholy,

Trying to find a cure of Why my mood actually swings...????
and thus what I feel it is propensity in me...
so I have to live with it...
because after all its a part of meeee....

Tags: Psychology

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