I resumed writing after a two month long break..am astonished how I could manage that long a break.
It was good to come back though...true, writing's therapeutic.
It helped me get over the toothache..impending exam blues..
Soothed my over strained..overworked muscles..
Gave me an outlet for pent up emotions when dad passed away.

One thing caught my attention though.
Some folk argued as comments. Why?
Some threatened to leave? Why?
It seems we wish that all be like 'us'.
Why do we need so many polls on just our diary?
Some one did read us, true? Shouldn't we rather be thankful?
Why should folk drop speechless when we write? On our thoughts?Right?
Why should hummm bother us? When it could really prevent us from pride's pitfall in the long run.

Honestly..I had felt I must go too.
As if to second my thoughts, I saw this post..it kept appearing whenever I entertained the thought of leaving.
'Leave if you are unhappy'
Now I don't know who wrote it..and why?
But I keep seeing it..it appears out of the blue like out of thin air..I'm not kidding..whenever I'm thinking of leaving! Wicked sense of humor.

Some moments back.
It appeared again..'Leave if you are unhappy'...but this time I wasn't unhappy! This fella was fooling me.
And I made up my mind.
I will not go.

Is it some trick my mind plays on me..it surely has a sense of humor..
But I'm determined..
I will NOT leave when I'm unhappy..
Maybe ..when I'm tired..but just for a short break!

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