When I read about this topic "Why I do write?".My mind war stared out for sure.My brain started to snipe at every probable reasons ,to death, the moment it popped out.Upon trying very hard to think reasons, I came to know that I had nothing to tell Why I should write.I tried very hard to see if there was a little chance so that my mind to get out of that puzzle.And i failed there.I don't write for money.I don't write for respect either.Neither did I write because I was a chronic pain in the heart.Ultimately I didn't find any reasons to the Big question of the Moment "Why do I write?"

I think I write because of the same reason as we breath.Just as the Oxygen is required for each and every cell of the body,my mind need this.I don't know if it is an addiction,but whatever it is,I think it is essential for me to live psychologically.
Yes,...I write to live and this is my reason to write.

I think i write to make my life meaningful out of this world.I write to live myself in a meaningful way.
And I'll continue to live with it till my life ends.

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