Full of tension in brain, Fear in heart,
My hands started typing my feelings.

Hoping for the best, I kept looking at the clock.
Waiting for that hour seems the most difficult task,
Specially when you are in a confused state.

Wish the clock stops working,
Just to watch and understand my position,
Just to learn about my most awaited situation of life.

This feeling is so different to understand,
Trying my best to recollect a similar situation,
I made my journey to the past, but all in vain,
I am just left with no other thought except today's result.

My eyes were starving just to see my result as "pass".
Percentage was never the matter of concern.
Every passing second had a feeling of my result being closer.

Crying and rubbing my eyes as a small child,
I silently prayed God with full of devotion.
I asked him for this very wish for the hour of my result.

I wish I could stay with my mom, Hugging her tight
And letting her know that I have given my best
And the rest is God's Grace.

Yes, With full of tension, fear in heart,
My hands have finally typed this poem.

Wishing myself : All the best.

Tags: Dreams

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