Trials and troubles pull me down,
And I'm found always with a frown!
The pain is hard to bear,
For I've none to share!
There is none by my side,
To hold my hand and guide.
Wish I could run away,
That was all I could pray.
I'd lost my strength,
For every joy was far away at a length.
I'd thought of giving up all,
Instead of taking the fall!

"Wait", whispered a voice,
One which I never recognized!
I turned around and found none,
Thought my imagination had gone for a run.
The voice then said," My child",
With a tenderness so mild!
"Be not afraid for I'm with you,
Trust me and your troubles will be few!"
I knew it was my saviour, my Lord,
"I trust in you", I said with a nod.
I had my tears wiped away,
Because my saviour had shown me the way!

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