The night has set,

And the darkness has crept.

And here I'm lying down,

With lots of worries in my head.

Not a wink of sleep,

Not even a lazy yawn.

All I'm doing is thinking,

Thinking about things going wrong.

My head's in a muddle,

For everything seems a puzzle.

Things that seemed so simple,

Seem more of a jumble.

With tears in my eyes,

I look for company.

But an eerie silence,

Is what that greets me.

My thoughts are hazy,

I'm still in a daze.

Time isn't passing,

Seems like even it is resting.

Sorrow seems to last like eternity,

Life is filled with obscurities.

I look for answers,

But none do I get.

All I wish for now,

Is a little bit of sleep.

That I may escape,

Into my world of fantasy.

Of joys, happiness and smiles.

But they are far away,

Uncountable miles.

I now await patiently,

For the break of dawn.

Hoping that the rising sun,

May dispel the darkness and the gloom.

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