Sometimes our mind just wanders off to places where our senses cannot detect ! Can't feel it ! Can't taste it ! can't see it ! can't smell it ! We can only 'Feel,taste,smell,see' through our hearts . We just want to go out and correct something that we feel is 'WRONG'.Our intuitions keep a rhythmic tune. Our legs cannot stand independent and needs a support to hold on.The support always becomes the grass which is found everywhere.The grass with mere knowledge. Why can't I just go ahead and 'Feel,taste,smell,see' through my heart ? Why should I always listen to the grass ?I believe we should walk out of the support and be the independent lonesome tree with many against feelings . We should realize that our thoughts are just ours ! 'OURS' which bear fruits and share the sweetness to all the birds which comes and sits on us with love. The birds who out of love for their family sacrifices their lives
to create little tiny nests. Sometimes the wind may go wild and blow on them but as long as my thought stands firm rooted,IT will be protected.
Shouldn't we think for ourselves to protect the creatures that comes to us asking for help ? Shouldn't we think for ourselves to help the creatures that we see everyday who needs help ? Why should we be suppressed by the grass which grows around us ,poking us ? We should always be like A STALE PIECE OF BREAD that no one touches. Being gracious to ourselves and our brotherhood. Cheers ! :-)

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