Before started writing , the thought kept bugging me.. Will my thoughts find a Voice in here.. Still to continue... After so many years of Independence Why does not art have a voice? Why is art being censored? Why Still Rushdie is being threatened to come to his Homeland? Why, I mean Why Couldn't Hussain had his favourite ice cream before he went to the Almighty. Who is in charge to regulate this? Government? I just can't start my mockery on that.. Politics itself has become a mockery. Right to expression , Right to speak. Right to write! These are 'RIGHTS', Democracy we call it! But not less than a tyrant does the government act..
I feel heartily sorry for M.F Hussain, couldn't come to his own country. Art is an expression about a belief. Individual's choice and individual's perception. Being a woman of independent thoughts I still think and wonder, Do we have our Voice? Why Can't I write under my own name? Because if I do, some shiv sena or Congress will come to my house and drag me to jail? Yeah! I do fear.. The fear exists, fear to take breath, fear to sing, fear to fly away... I speak but my thoughts are mute.. We say that there will be a change, and I know there will be. My life is my own then why do people around me try to govern it..?
If I say, a woman, say XYZ, wants to be a single mother. She is independent, she is outgoing, she knows she can have that responsibility, then why do 'You' think she needs a 'MAN'. She might don't need him. I am not a misandrist, not at all. I still wait for my Prince charming, I know he is there, somewhere out there. But back to the point, If a man can use a Woman to fulfill his sexual desires, we see it in our daily lives, but Why can't a Woman use a man for the same desires? Because she gets emotionally attached, she cares. There is a motherhood in every woman, which tends to overpower these qualities. And if she does that, what will you think of her? 'Slut' , But what does that term is coined for a man, What is that? I don't know... We talk about equality? Where is it?

I just realized I have asked so many questions.. But I believe these are the questions which we ask ourselves daily, but there are still no answers..
For the Recent Delhi case If I talk about? A thought disturbed me so many times... If the girl was still alive. What circumstances had she been facing by now, I mean in a very explicit way I will talk, The normal life which a girl dreams for herself: No, I don't think so, the wound was unhealing. But when a little girl starts weaving her future, her dreams, she wants to fulfill them, holding the hands of the man she loves. She wants to marry , she wants to have kids, she wants to grow old, and die that ways. That is satisfactory. But today If I think and wonder, Which man would have taken a step , not out of sympathy to fall for that girl, to grow old with her, probably many not be having kids with her, Which man would have swallowed this thought. We just can sympathize, when you stand on those portals yourself, it Ain't that easy enough, not at all.
The thoughts are out now.. The questions are in open.. They no more disturb me, somehow I still think.. Am I mute? Do I have a voice?

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